4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Used In Marketing and advertising 

You are losing a competitive advantage every time you postpone using AI powered solutions. Sounds dramatic? Well, it shouldn’t because it is supposed to get you on your toes and embrace AI-powered marketing solutions.

AI systems usually work in the background of well-known services and products such as Amazon, Google and Netflix. However, in the last few years, Artificial Intelligence has found its way into marketing and advertising, helping companies to boost their ROI in their marketing efforts. In addition, tools that were previously available to enterprise level companies have become accessible and affordable to medium and small businesses

Here are four ways in which you can leverage Artificial Intelligence to market and advertise your products or service:

AI enhanced pay-per-click advertising

Most companies often allocate their PPC budgets to Facebook and AdWords. Google controls a large part of the United States ad market. This is followed by Facebook which has a significantly large share.

Most PPC campaigns are managed by either a PPC agency or an in-house team. In short, they are managed by humans. But A.I. solutions can manage those campaigns, from set up, to optimization, to reporting. One of these solutions is Frank.ai, which is connected to over 2 million publishers worldwide.

Frank.aiautomatically launches campaigns in different channels, while optimizing the creatives, target groups and channels in real time. All you need to do is sit back and relax, while Frank manages your digital ad campaigns.

Better CRO and personalized website experience

Although the capacity of AI is far from building new websites from the scratch, it can help markets to enhance customer experience with intelligence personalization on a website.

Intelligence algorithms can be used to personalize:

Website experience-AI can also display the most appropriate content and offers by analyzing a lot of data points about one use.

Push notifications-Behavioral personalization has made push notifications specific to individuals, delivering just the right message at the right time

AI powered content development

Natural language generation has great potential in making the world of content developers more efficient. AI contentsolutions will be used to develop content for businesses. Currently, AI machines can develop content with simple formats and rule sets such as:

· Hotel descriptions

· Profit and loss summaries

· Sports game recaps

· Quarterly business reports

· Real-time stock insights

All Artificial Intelligence generated narrative is meant to read as it’s written by humans. The writing style and data insights of each narrative depend on the formats and rules that have been established by a brand to best service its audience.

Aside from content development, Artificial Intelligence powered tools can develop fresh content for social media that your followers will probably engage with.

Content development chatbots

If you have used live chat support, what you don’t know is that you might have been talking to a bot. From insurance to automobile to health, intelligent chatbots are providing excellent customer support. In fact, they are at times better at creating content for customer support better than humans.

They can also be used by small businesses on live chat to respond to customers. It will not be long before nearly every business will be using AI