360 Degrees Thracian Exhibition History Meets Technology

One of the greatest things when it comes to technological advancements is that we are given a chance to see a whole new world through a digital prism. We can travel to different parts of the world in an instant, we can visit museums online, we can view galleries and exhibitions in a kind of modern way. Technology does indeed improve our experience but it also offers every single person an opportunity to never miss anything.

And now we are presented with this unique virtual experience in which the world-famous Thracian exhibition The Golden Fleece. Quest of the Argonauts in the National Gallery of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria comes to life on our computer screens. Those who missed the open days and couldn’t attend the event from the 16th of March until the 10th of June are invited to do it once more. So even after the official event is over, people can take an online tour around the gallery and go back in time with the astounding artefacts. Everyone gets a new, contemporary, and dynamic way to explore the National Gallery using their digital devices or desktop computers no matter when or where they are. The online 360 degrees interactive tour allows history lovers and ancient culture appreciators to take an in-depth view of some of the magnificent Thracian artefacts which are part of Vasil Bojkov’s personal collection, containing more than 3000 priceless pieces.

And what’s not to love about this initiative? Apart from having a closer look at different exciting pieces, the 360 degrees available on Thrace Foundation website provides plenty of additional information about some of the artefacts from the collection that might interest online attendees. For instance, you can hover over particular artefacts and click on the button in order to read more about it. You will be redirected to a dedicated page with detailed descriptions, pictures, and even myths about the given object. You can learn more about the Silver rhyton with a reclining Silenus or the Silver horn rhyton with ram head finial. The online experience also allows you to examine the figural representations on these artefacts, their shape, or to simply read what might be the hidden meaning and symbols behind the artefacts. There are also special detailed videos available upon click which also reveal interesting stories about the exhibited pieces.

In addition to this, the digital tour is part of a much bigger project that consists of special curator talks with more than 600 people attending them, public discussions, publications, articles, catalogues, videos available on the Internet, and various lectures. Among the most interesting ones that also gained immense media attention were Prof. Dr. Athanasios Sideris’s lectures with the title Legends on Silver.

The interest in the exhibition is still quite strong and is present at this very day as well. The official page of the 360 degrees online tour on the Thrace Foundation website is one of the most visited pages with no sign of decline over time. But what so special about it? Obviously, it is the unique chance given to people to visit and explore the artefacts whenever they decide to and also the fact that the viewer controls the vantage point, which might change each time they want to dig deeper into the fascinating world of Thrace, the people, and the cultural heritage left by them.