3 Ways Technology Can Make Us Cooler, Smarter and Faster

We are finally at a place where technology can help us become faster, smarter and healthier. There are even wearable technology options to help us cool down or warm up.

Beating the Heat

If you have ever worked outside in the summer or have had the pleasure of working in a warehouse, construction job, or other hot conditions a personal cooling device seems like a dream come true.

These are also helpful for people with heat and cold intolerance. Certain medical conditions ranging from multiple sclerosis to hot flashes make having a quick and easy way to cool yourself down super valuable.

Keeping cool at night is also very important when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Cooling one spot on your body can actually cool your entire body temperature. Embr Wave is a wrist-worn device that gives you a shot of hot or cold to cool your body.

This device is rechargeable and still new to the market. It has gotten mixed reviews. Some people love it, and others feel it doesn’t do enough. The effectiveness would probably depend on your actual conditions, but it is a step in the right direction.

As battery life becomes longer and technology improves, this may be a viable option for us to keep comfortable when the temperature is disagreeable. This technology isn’t going away, because there is another product called the Aircon Watch that does something similar. The Aircon Watch is currently on Kickstarter.

Improving Mood, Clarity and Cognitive Function

Getting the most out of life requires us to be in a good mood. Many of us struggle with anxiety, sluggishness or just plain old lack of motivation. Old and young alike complain about brain fog.

Fortunately, there are solutions to enhance our mood, simmer down anxiety, and help us get the most out of our writing or study sessions. Nootropics are cognitive enhancement drugs that can enhance focus, creativity, energy, productivity, and even our moods.

Anyone who has ever suffered from anxiety knows how hard it is to focus or do anything when crippled with anxiety. Taking a calming supplement might be just enough to take the edge off that pesky anxiety.

These are also helpful when motivation is lacking. Increasing focus, clarity and energy is sometimes all that is needed to get off of the couch and focus on what is important.

A Personalized Running Coach

Athletes and runners have been using technology for a long time. From the humble Walkman to modern iPods upbeat music can make running more fun and productive.

There is also a host of pedometers, fitness trackers, and heart rate monitors to keep track of our fitness progress. Having a real-life coach is the key to the success of many athletes.

The Vi Sense Wireless Headphones combine many of these items all into one convenient running tool. They are high-quality wireless headphones that double as a fitness tracker and heart rate monitor.

Plus, they feature an AI-powered personal trainer. This is an adaptive fitness coach with a human voice that monitors your fitness and encourages you to keep going and stay motivated during workouts.

We are finally at a place where technology can make us smarter, faster and more comfortable.