3 Signs That It’s Time to Replace a Spring

Springs are everywhere. You find them in automobile suspension systems, box springs, and even in computer keyboards. When springs are in good condition, they provide the support needed to absorb shock and protect other components. While some springs may last for a long time, others require replacing. Here are some signs that it’s time to make a change.

Leaning to One Side

One of the functions of springs is to keep something in proper alignment. For example, flat springs are part of the hardware used for older style doors. When the spring weakens, it no longer stores and releases energy properly. As a result, the door may lean slightly. The same type of issue can be found with the coil springs used as part of an automobile’s suspension system. When the spring weakens, one side of the vehicle may lean slightly.

Unlike other components, it’s difficult to repair a spring and restore it to the same level of efficiency. A better approach is to purchase new flat springs or coil springs. Once the replacement is made, everything will be in proper alignment again.

A Rough Ride

When the springs in a vehicle suspension system begin to weaken, you will also notice a difference in the smoothness of the ride. Little bumps in the road are enough to jostle anyone riding in the vehicle. Even if the car or truck does not list to one side, the fact that the system no longer absorbs motion properly means something needs to be done as quickly as possible. Choosing to put off the replacement could mean damage to the exhaust system or other parts of the vehicle.

Loss of Precision

Machinery that is used to create custom or precision components also use springs. Die machines are an excellent example. These machines are used to cut or mold parts so they are perfect fits. The die springs found in the machinery help to ensure the shape and cut of the finished products are just right.

When a die spring is failing, the resulting cut will not conform to the exact specifications. The best move is to purchase and install new custom spring corporation die springs before any more raw materials are wasted. In the long run, a prompt replacement means there are fewer second or third quality parts produced and the company will save money.

There are many different types of springs in use today, and Custom Spring Corporation has them all. From torsion springs to compression, conical, and garter springs, so many products will not work without the right ones. If you favorite chair lists to one side or you are tired of being jostled about while driving a forklift, a company truck, or even your own private vehicle, it’s time to find out if a spring needs replacing. Once the work is completed, you can look forward to many more years of having doors open properly and the keys on the computer keyboard springing back into position after you depress them.