Why You Should Pay Your Taxes Regularly

We live in an era where most of the individuals tend to put the blame on the government for under-development in their respective state. Government does play a substantial role in how the country runs but individuals must take the responsibility as well. We often fail to realize that how important a role we can play in this context.

First and foremost, it is highly imperative to pay taxes! Many individuals fail to pay their complete taxes which results into lower government budgets, hence, lower living standards. The government operates the country mostly through taxes. Given the major importance of paying taxes, one must find a licensed tax professional firm like Vanguard a tax preparation and tax debt resolution company.

Nevertheless, here are major reasons why payment of taxes is so necessary:

  • Smooth government running

Reiterating the fact above, the government uses our money to spend it on different aspects like infrastructure, healthcare and education. The government even comprises of different parts like legislation, enforcement agencies, ministries and judiciary. They all are paid using the taxes we pay.

  • A civic duty

Paying your taxes is worldwide considered a civic duty. This is one of the reason why legislations have bound us to do so. In case any individual is not complying with the taxation law, the government agency responsible for looking over taxes will require you to pay the taxes or encounter harsh penalties. It can either result into heavy fines or even jail.

  • Country development

Money paid by taxation goes to a number of places. It is not only used to pay salaries to the government workers but the taxation money is also utilized to support common resources like firefighters and police.

It ensures the road we travel on are safe and well-maintained. It can also be used to fund parks and public libraries. Government programs can be backed using this money like helping the poor and under-privileged people. A number of amenities can be developed using this money.

Forms of taxes

Taxation takes a number of forms. Income taxes are paid when one is working at a job to make money. Depending on how much money is earned, a certain percentage of the money is sent to the government in the form of taxes.

Buying things at the store also entail taxation. We usually pay sales tax in this scenario which is a percentage of cost the item charged by the store. Property taxes are charged on properties that we own depending on how much value the property has.

Apart from these typical forms, we have a wide variety of taxation. Tobacco tax, estate tax and hotel tax are a few.


Here were some reasons for individuals to pay taxes on time and with complete honesty. In a nutshell, taxes are meant for overall development of a state that doesn’t only benefit the state itself as a whole but individuals as well who can then leverage new resources to their maximum advantage.