HTC ONE A9s: an update worth?

HTC has introduced the ONE A9s recently that has left the users amazed and has worked its best to leave a mark in the industry. This is one of the Best HTC models and needless to say, it has been called the best because of the amazing features that it has been updated with.  This is one of the worthiest mobile phone models that you can have and I can vouch for the fact that you will never feel sorry about it.

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The features of this phone will lure you to a level that you will find the urge very hard to resist and finally get hold of this model. HTC has always been a winner in introducing latest designs to the market and this is one of the models that ads to its name. This model is a sequel to One A9 and it has been introduced by the manufacturers with some subtle changes. The HTC logo does not remain standing at the same place and the camera sensor that was mostly at the back is no longer centered.

The winning point of this model is its look. This apart from being really petite in sizealso happens to carry a classier look than most other models available in the market. The set with its round corners give this amazing touch which makes it even more stylish. If you are looking for a model that has to be amazing in looks this definitely is worth a try.

Most amazingly, this model comes at a comparatively cheaper rate and is affordable by many. This model by HTC supports full HD and has a lot of compelling features. The One A9s is updated by 2GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage. The configuration is almost doubled based on the region. This phone is updated with a micro SD slot that can support memory cards up to 2TB.

The best part about this phone is its battery backup. Unlike other android phones available in the market, this phone keeps your phone alive for the longest period of time. You do not have to worry about charging your phone every now and then. This is a feature that has to be applauded also because it is hardly found in any of the mobile phones. The Boom Sound Speakers are one of the craziest additions that have hiked the demand of this product.

The durability of this product is amazing as there are hardly any HTC phones that damage too easily without something really rough happening to them. This also like its brothers is one of the amazing products that is durable. The manufacturers provide an amazing customer service and you need not worry about any of the parts not functioning properly.

The most significant attribute of this phone is the fact that it is affordable and comes in a much lower price than the last model introduced. If you still have questions regarding this particular model called One A9s, I would personally ask you to get one for yourself and then form an opinion.