HTC 10 Smartphone Debuts, But Can It Match the Samsung Galaxy S7?

HTC is the next big mobile brand to launch its flagship smartphone this year. Samsung and LG have already made their respective flagship bows and HTC 10 is now out in the open.

The phone borrows its design elements from last year’s One A9 and the M9+. The HTC 10 packs the latest Snapdragon 820 quad-core processor, offers Quad-HD or 2560×1440 pixels resolution in a 5.2-inch form factor.

The phone does not claim to be the thinnest or the lightest in the market right now. But that’s something which can be ignored if the product on the whole is worth its weight.

Ultrapixels Anyone?

We’ve seen them before, and HTC has insisted on using the Ultrapixel technology for its camera yet again. The 12-Ultrapixel snapper at the back will find it hard to match the quality of Samsung Galaxy S7 series right now but hopefully, things will be better this year.

The phone at least gets a flagship-standard 4GB RAM and with expandable storage up to 200GB on offer, there’s not much to complain about here.

HTC 10 in different colour avatars. (Photo Courtesy: HTC)

What’s New?

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S7 or the LG G5, there isn’t much to look for with the HTC 10. Mandatory rituals like bumped up hardware, the cameras with more pixels, and a bigger battery unit can all be checked out for the HTC 10.

However, you get the Type-C USB port for charging and data transfer but we’re not sure if it supports quick-charging. If there’s one thing that HTC has excelled in, it’s the audio output of the built-in speakers and with HTC 10 they claim to have upgraded to hi-res audio.

All said and done, the HTC 10 is priced at $700 in the US and the competition in this price category is hard, time will show if HTC can win back at least a piece of the market share that it has lost in recent years.