What’s to come in 2016 for Apple Technology?

It’s safe to say that Apple has had a good year. With the release of its latest iPhone series and the iPad Pro flying off the shelves as people choose the advanced tablet over a traditional laptop, Apple recently reported record fourth quarter results with a revenue of $51.5 billion and a quarterly net profit of $11.1 billion – and 2016 is looking to become just as successful a year for the brand.

While it’s difficult to say what is definitely to come in 2016, let’s take a look at some possibilities for advancements in Apple technology for the year ahead:

The iPhone 7 is a hotly debated topic, even though the experts reckon we won’t see the handset released until at least September 2016, and is apparently on its way with plenty of new and exciting features. One of these includes a self healing material, which will protect Apple devices from water, dust and debris in a bid to reduce the amount of iPhone repairs people experience throughout their lifetime of owning Apple products.

This new material is an exciting development in the world of Apple – iPhones and their tablet counterparts, while resistant mostly to cyber bugs and viruses, are delicate when it comes to their actual physical design.

However, don’t expect to see any AMOLED display screens on iPhones for a while yet –  appleinsider.com reckons we won’t experience these until at least 2019, which is disappointing as battery time is obviously an issue Apple loyalists complain about regularly. Instead, Apple will be investing in advancing their LCD screen technology to keep up with brands already using AMOLED displays.

An Apple Watch 2 is also on the cards for 2016 and is expected to be a stand alone product, much like other smart watch models already on the market. The Apple Watch 2 could connect directly to your mobile network, meaning you no longer need to carry your iPhone at all times – or even have one at all. Apple now feels the need to compete with the likes of Samsung in this field, so will be working on advancements on its products to jump ahead of the competition.

Work will apparently also continue on the Apple car, which people have been murmuring about for a fair few months now. While the car won’t be released in 2016, we might hear some industry chatter about what stage it’s at. The company has apparently been in talks with BMW about producing a vehicle and apparently sent one of its secret auto brands to a major industry event to scope things out. While it’s exciting to consider a car created by Apple – your music will definitely be synced automatically into the sound system and it’s going to look uber stylish – we won’t be seeing anything about in 2016 besides speculation online.

Apple is constantly innovating and developing its products and brands to make the world of tech an easier place to navigate and embrace; iPhones and iPads are simple to use but are created with only the highest standard of technological advances. 2016 will definitely be an exciting year for the brand, as we wait to see what they unveil next and whether the many bold predictions and rumours are true.