The Nexus 6P has the swagg

The Nexus 6 P(remium) is out and the reviews are coming in. As always there are different opinions, ranging from good to the best Android phone ever.

Looking around the net, nearly everyone prefers the smaller dimensions compared to the previous Nexus 6. The metal case got a plus from everyone but some complained that the design could be better.

The majority of reviews praised the camera and the fingerprint scanner on the back, one reviewer said that both features lagged in performance behind the iPhone flagship but there were lots of comments challenging his opinion.

As usual a missing SD slot and a non replaceable battery were criticized. Opinions were split about the decision not to include wireless charging but the resistance wasn’t as big as I thought it would be, apparently not so many people use it.

If you are interested in the technical details check them out at Phonearena. Regarding the good performance of present handsets and the limits of a five to six inch screen, I personally think specs are becoming irrelevant. Take Sony’s Xperia handsets for example, on a spec sheet they look great but they do not sell as good as they should, they don’t have enough swagg.

If I were to rate the Nexus 6P regarding its appeal to different groups, I would give it a

Swagg               7.5/10

If Nexus should get more recognition with the masses then its swagg would definitely rise.

Android geek    9.0/10

An Androidist will love the hardware, the improved quality and being first in line for “pure” updates.

iPhonist            6.5/10

iPhone lovers will appreciate the fact that the Nexus phone is not a Samsung but that’s about it.