LG expands into mobile accessories market, starting with a new portable keyboard

The vice president in charge of Innovative Personal Devices at LG, Seo Young-jae, recently announced the company’s latest strategy to bring more premium mobile input devices to the market, starting with their new Rolly Keyboard, a unique foldable keyboard designed for mobile devices.

The  KB-700 is powered by a single AAA battery, that is said to be good for up to 3 months usage. The keyboard will be made of durable, impact-resistant plastics enabling the tactile feedback missed on the more common silicon-based keyboards. Rolled together, the keyboard resembles a stick that can easily be transported in your pocket.

LG’s Rolly Keyboard will be available in the US in September, with other countries following. If you are keen on getting a first glimpse at the keyboard, you can see it, starting September 4th, at the IFA show in Berlin, Germany.