I’m giving away a multi-million dollar idea for free

Last night I came up with a brilliant idea that could make someone very, very rich. Unfortunately I’m just too lazy to try and develop the idea myself so I thought maybe I’d take a page from Elon Musk’s book and just give the idea away to anyone who wants it.

Here goes.

Create an app for iPhones or Android devices that would let people purchase lottery tickets on their smartphones and pay for them with Apple Pay (or whatever electronic payment system they have).

You could have electronic scratcher tickets with little animations showing the numbers being scratched off. If you were a winner the prize money would be instantly credited back to your account. And, of course, you could buy regular lottery tickets for the weekly drawings. Your numbers would be electronically registered with the lottery commission on the date you purchased the tickets so you couldn’t retroactively buy winning numbers after the drawings.

Now I know you would have to get the lottery commission on board, but heck I don’t think they would turn up their noses to an additional several million ticket sales per week (and they could save on paper too).

And yes I realize that a system like this would be considered an extremely high profile target for hackers around the world, but I think it should be possible to create a system that would be fairly hacker proof.

So there you have it. Simple. Obvious. And worth millions to someone.

Now if any of you enterprising readers actually do manage to implement something like this then I hope you give me credit for the idea (and maybe send me a few bucks once it is up and running).

You’re welcome.