Why song and dance are essential for children’s development

Children are born with the potential to become anything they want. They can be musicians, doctors, dancers or anything they wish to become. All we can do is provide the enabling factors to ensure they seize the endless opportunities available. One such enabling factor is education. In order for children to embrace education, we need to make it fun and adaptable to their creative minds.

This is where songs come in. Children’s songs usually feature interactive activities such as hand and body movements, creative language and use of lyric creation. These activities offer children a chance to have fun and numerous playful ways to learn new concepts such as educational concepts such as numbers, colors, animals and shapes. These songs also help children expand their vocabulary along with developing motor skills.

Many studies show that there are numerous benefits of music and movement such as:

  • Kids learning songs helps develop their brains
  • Movements such as dancing and singing help the kids strengthen their communication skills such as listening and speaking. Songs also help the children get a better grasp of languages.
  • These songs help them have better control of their emotional responses and cognitive functions
  • Kids songs sharpen their problem-solving skills
  • Kids learning songs helps them practice their social skills
  • When kids practice to sing and dance to songs, it helps develop their phonemic awareness
  • As a social practice, songs help children develop a sense of kindness and cooperation
  • Children can use the songs as a relaxation technique when they’re stressed or have trouble focusing
  • Children’s song helps strengthens their memory and recall – Children songs act as educational experiences as they force children to memorize information. As a fun practice learning through musical means strengthens children’s ability to recall what has been taught.
  • Children’s songs enhance hand-eye coordination. Most children songs have a call to action such as the use of their hands and fingers. Repeating these actions regularly helps develop and sharpen their hand-eye coordination.
  • The best way to teach a child is by making the whole experience fun. Children songs are a perfect way to deliver educational concepts. ABCs, numbers, rhymes and vocabulary are some educational concepts that can be introduced to children through songs.
  • Enhance communication – children songs help the children get used to communicating freely through the regular use of their voice and listening. Over time, the children use this to learn how to express themselves. They will start expressing their ideas with confidence while effectively communicating their message.
  • Children songs help children have better control of their emotional state. They will be able to empathize with their friends from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Children songs and dance help children embrace their imaginative side and how to put it to good use.

These factors clearly highlight how important it is to introduce children to music. If you are having trouble explaining certain concepts to your child, try using songs to do so. Reciting the songs with your child could also help them embrace the use of songs.