When to Call an Unemployment Lawyer

When you suddenly find yourself unemployed, probably the last thing you would think of doing is hiring an unemployment lawyer. After all, your recent change in employment status is a reason to tighten your belt and avoid spending money. But there are certain circumstances where hiring an unemployment lawyer are the best possible thing you could do, even if it means spending money on attorney fees. The benefits of the outcome could far outweigh the output of money to hire your unemployment lawyer , and you could walk away with much more gain than if you had done nothing at all. Let’s examine a few scenarios when calling an unemployment lawyer is absolutely the right thing to do.

You were fired (without good cause), or you quit your job (with good cause) – Beginning with the obvious, if you feel as though you were fired without good cause from your job, hiring an unemployment lawyer to defend your rights in court and get you the best possible wrongful termination settlement can help secure the money you need to maintain your quality of life while you are seeking new employment. Additionally, if you quit your job for a compelling reason, such as sexual harassment, discrimination in the workplace, or general mistreatment by your employer, hiring an unemployment lawyer to defend your decision to resign could help you get unemployment benefits t from your former employer, which is something that is not usually done for employees who voluntarily quit. Having an experienced unemployment lawyer provide valuable counsel and go to bat for you in court can make all the difference between getting the benefits you deserve and walking away with nothing.

You need to defend your unemployment benefits

If you were terminated or quit your job, one of the first things you probably did was file a claim to receive unemployment benefits. However, if your former employer improperly denies your claim, you have the right to appeal. Having an unemployment lawyer in your corner to help you complete the necessary paperwork and attend the hearing can be extremely beneficial, especially if there is a lot on the line in terms of unemployment benefits.

You believe your employer has violated your legal rights

If you believe that your termination was a result of workplace discrimination against your race, sexual orientation, religion, or disability, you should contact an unemployment lawyer right away. Additionally, if you quit your job voluntarily because you were a victim of workplace harassment or bullying by your employer or other employees within your company, your employment lawyer can help you get the severance benefits that you would not normally be entitled to if you voluntarily resigned your position. Violation of your legal rights by a former employer is something that should be taken very seriously, especially if you are now unemployed as a result of any workplace harassment that you may have endured. Your unemployment lawyer can advise you of the proper channels to take in order to reach a settlement that allows you to maintain your quality of life while pursuing employment elsewhere.

If you have any questions about your termination or resignation, or are unsure of how to file a claim for unemployment benefits, an unemployment lawyer is an excellent source of information. Most unemployment lawyers offer a free initial consultation so you can decide whether it is necessary or beneficial to pursue legal action against your former employer. By seeking help from an unemployment lawyer, you can move on from this bad experience and find a position at a job where you can find happiness and fulfillment in your career.

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