What to Expect at Your Denture Appointment?

It might seem like you’re in it alone when it comes to making an appointment with your dentist, but know that you’re not. We’ve put together this blog post full of helpful tips for what to expect at your denture appointment. From the moment you sit down in the waiting room to when the appointment is over, and you walk out into the sunshine, we’ll be there to guide you every step of the way. You need to do many things before this appointment to make sure that it goes smoothly. You can also consult for dentures in Delray Beach and make an informed decision about getting your dentures. 

Here are some things you should expect when you go in for your appointment: 

  1. Your Dentist Will Discuss Your Treatment Plan With You – The first thing that your dentist is going to do is discuss your treatment plan with you. This will include a consultation to ensure that you are comfortable with the dentures and any decisions made during the process. It will also include a discussion on how long it may take for them to make the dentures, how much it will cost, and any other questions you may have.
  1. They Will Make An Impression of Your Mouth and Gums – This is where they take impressions of your gums and mouth to create a replica of what they see when doing your dental work. This will help with the fit of your dentures. This impression will also include a mold of your teeth to create a false set of dentures.
  1. The Dentist Will Measure Your Jaw – Your dentist will measure your jaw to get a better sense of the health and height of your jawbone. They also look for other issues that could be causing you pain, along with any other problems that may be affecting the way your jaws move.
  1. They Will Take X-Rays of Your Mouth – Your dentist will take x-rays of your mouth to make sure that they can see any issues that may occur with your dentures. This will give them a better look at what you are dealing with and what they need to do for you.

The dentist will inspect your mouth and teeth, as well as take some x-rays of your jaws. They also carry some impressions from the top of your mouth to make a denture template from them. After examining all of this data, they can design a device-specific to ensure you have proper oral hygiene. And you don’t have any issues with dryness or sensitivity during dentures or retainers.

Written by Ruben Denton