What are the Most Common Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents Reported in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is a huge, densely populated city with a large population of people who commute over vast distances. In Philadelphia, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of injury-related death. In 2015, 936 people died in motor vehicle accidents in Philadelphia. These accidents happen due to many factors, such as speeding, failure to yield, or drunk driving. Some of the most common types of accidents that happen in Philadelphia are single-car crashes and head-on collisions.

Motor vehicles can be devastating. It brings severe injuries and can become a life-changing event. In addition, the financial and emotional burden of a motor vehicle accident can also drastically affect an individual. Therefore, if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, especially when due to another person’s negligence, then it is essential to hire Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys to protect your rights and get the deserving compensation.

Let us now see the most common types of motor vehicle accidents reported in Philadelphia.

1. Motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents in Philadelphia increased by 16% in 2021, making it the fourth-largest increase in the country. With over 700 motorcycle accidents, Philadelphia is ranked second in the nation for the number of crashes with fatalities. The increase is due to a combination of factors, including more motorcycles on the roads, higher rates of alcohol use, and a lack of understanding among drivers about how to handle sudden situations involving motorcycles.

2. Car Accidents

In 2021, the number of car accidents in Philadelphia was projected to reach a record high. More than 1 million people are expected to be injured. With such a staggering amount of people at risk, the Department of Health and Human Services suggests that all drivers should take extra precautions to avoid such fatal accidents.

3. Bus accidents

Many bus accidents in Philadelphia are caused by drivers who lack experience. This is because many of the buses in Philadelphia are operated by independent contractors who only work part-time. These drivers aren’t required to undergo any special training or licensing, and they often drive the same route daily.

4. Commercial vehicle accidents

In the year 2021, the number of commercial vehicle accidents in Philadelphia was on the rise. This is a national trend and not just confined to Philadelphia. Many factors can be attributed to these increased numbers, such as driving under the influence, distracted driving, and the increasing popularity of autonomous vehicles.

Written by Barbara McGee