Why Private Aviation is Becoming More Popular With Startup CEOs: 8 Unexpected Perks

Until recently, private aviation was an experience solely reserved for celebrities, star athletes and business moguls. But that’s been changing in recent years, and in 2020 private aviation will continue to enter the mainstream. 

In recent years, private aviation has become more popular among regular business owners and startup executives, and by all means, that trend is expected to continue. 

This is due in part to the fact that the average price for private jet service is on the decline. In fact, experts say that if someone flies more than 150 hours per year, private jets are probably a better bargain than commercial flights for most business-class travelers. 

Here are eight other unexpected benefits to flying privately.

Convenience: Where commercial air flights are restricted to 1,500 airports across the U.S., private planes have access to more than 3,000 airfields. Many of these smaller airports will be closer to your final destination than the bigger hubs. If you’re a busy executive or startup CEO with meetings in several cities on the same day, don’t worry: A private jet can get you to your meetings on time and bring you home in time for dinner with your family, saving you the expense of a hotel room.

Boarding time: The average boarding time for a commercial passenger is between 30 and 40 minutes. In contrast, the average boarding time for a private jet passenger is just five minutes, and if you know your transportation to the airport is running late, you can call, and they will hold the flight for you.

Flying time: Trips by private jet are typically quicker than trips on commercial planes. Private jets are not as tied to specific air routes and networks; they climb more quickly than commercial jets and are able to go up higher, which enables them to avoid crowded routes.

Privacy: On a private jet, no one will ever invade your personal space. In fact, you get to choose the other passengers you’re flying with. You can feel free to make use of the time you spend on the plane to conduct business without worrying that the stranger sitting in the seat next to you is breaching the confidentiality of the documents you’re working on.

Luxury: On a commercial flight, you’re just the body in the Row 23 aisle seat. On a private jet, you’re a valued customer. Private terminals have lavish lounges where you can enjoy a complimentary snack and drink, or even a hot shower before you board your plane.

The interior of a private jet can be customized in ways that aren’t possible with commercial passenger planes. Premium leather and handcrafted wood can be used in interior design specs. Spaces include lounges, mini-bars, full-sized bathrooms and even bedrooms. Private jet companies employ quality caterers who will provide you with meals you’ll savor and will be happy to accommodate any of your special dietary requests.

Luggage: You want to bring ten suitcases and your dog on your next vacation? No problem. When you’re flying on a private jet, you can pack as many outfits as you like. Your pet won’t be banished to cargo, either; instead, he or she will lounge right there beside you, enjoying the same level of luxury that you do.

Special needs: If you’re a passenger with special needs, you’ll find those needs can be accommodated far more easily on a private jet. The plane’s interior is roomy, so elderly, injured or handicapped passengers have a much easier time getting around. There’s also more room for wheelchairs and other mobility aids.

Concierge service: Many charter jet companies offer limousine pickup and drop-off as well as destination planning services.

If you’re a frequent flier, startup CEO or business traveler who’s always on the go, the world of private aviation might be more within your reach than you ever realized. When you consider the perks, it becomes a no brainer.