Clear your schedule for a holiday on the Panama City Beach

Panama City is home to countless white sand beaches open to the public and two state parks. It draws thousands of travelers and tourists from all over the world around the year. With squeaky-clean public beaches and waterfront restaurants, Panama City is the paradise every vacationer dreams about. The turquoise waters are replete with marine life, and it becomes a hub for fishermen and scuba divers every year. It has everything you can hope for during a sunny winter vacation away from the land of snow and sleet.

If you are a fan of live music, Panama City is the place to be during this festive season. The 27-miles of white sandy beaches come to life with lights and live music during the winter months. The celebrations continue well after the New Year’s Eve. It is a great idea to treat your special someone to a beach vacation on Valentine’s Day in Panama City. Bands from all across the country come to perform in front of a global audience. You can treat yourself to rock, pop, electro-pop and jazz music depending on which venue you pick.

Why is Panama City at the top of every millennial traveler’s list?

Panama City Beach is not all about the loud glitter pop you get to see on the TV channels. It can be your cozy beach holiday with your family and friends. It is not the sleepy town our parents told us about either. With its almost perfect weather and the white sandy beaches, Panama City has become the hub of family travelers and tourists. Apart from a few 5-star amenities, you can check out homestays, budget-friendly hotels, and resorts, three-bedroom suites for the big family and dorms for the students. Check out the infinity pools that continue till the horizon. If you have children in your family, picking a hotel with a pool and a game room will be a great idea. Do not forget to check its distance from the beach and the main events you are targeting.

What can you do in Panama City, Florida?

Apart from the fantastic beaches and the fantastic accommodation options, you need to check out the other attractions in Panama City Beach.

Plan a whole day outside with your family

Gulf World Marine Park – this marine park is unusually free of barriers. It encourages up-close observation and enjoyment from all visitors. It is an excellent option for children and the marine life lovers in your group. Manta rays and dolphins are always there to capture your fancy and steal your hearts. There is also an aviary with exotic birds like the macaws, umbrella cockatoo and flamingos. Enjoy a biology-themed afternoon at the Gulf World Marine Park.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not – it has to be a part of the long list of to-dos on the Panama City Beach. Enter through the Sinking Ship and feast on the other unbelievable oddities that will keep you and your team busy for an entire day. Apart from those, you can go for the 4-D movie that will take you around the world.

Plan exciting beach activities

You can plan an entire day on the beach with your family. Parasailing, finishing, boating and scuba diving should be at the top of your list when visiting the city with sugar white sands and warm Gulf waves. Panama City is rapidly becoming famous for the adventure activities and sports on its beaches. Book an underwater experience for your family if you want to explore the depths of the waters and visit the riffs.

Rekindle your sporting spirit

Are you afraid of losing your form on the golf course? Then worry not! This beach city has premier golf courses for the residents and the tourists. You can swing the club during the day and catch up with your family and friends at the 19th hole. Apart from day spas, and golf courses, there are indoor stadiums, sports arcades, and tennis courts to keep you in shape even after the all-you-can-eat buffets at one of the many seafood restaurants.

Decide the course of a personal adventure

Set out on a family tour for the Shell Island off the Gulf coast. Visit the marinas of the Panama City Beach. Find an expert guide, who can take you to the hidden delights of this beach city and help you explore the islands that lie on the horizon. You can also select one of the multiple eco-tours that will bring you closer to the nature and the scenery of the beach city. Swim in the warm waters with the delightful dolphins or race through the marsh waters; you can always find something to do in Panama City. Couple your eco-tour with scuba diving sessions to rendezvous with the vibrant marine life that thrives in the tropical waters.

The weather of Panama City, Florida is pleasant all year round. However, the city remains crowded with tourists during the winter months since many people from the northern states come to visit the land of sunshine and warmth. With almost no rain throughout the year, it is a paradise for sunbathers and beach sports lovers. Even if you desire only to lie down and soak up the sun, while your friends or family enjoy a game or two of beach volley, Panama City is going to be your dream-come-true destination. If you are also looking for a pleasant winter vacation with your family, or friends, away from the incessant snowfall and the bitter cold of the north, you should check out this understated gem of Florida.

With thousands of Instagram worthy spots, romantic sunsets, waterfront dining options, and luxury resorts, Panama City is rapidly making its mark on the top traveler’s lists in 2019. Very soon, it will become difficult to find the solace people desire while visiting a beach during the winter months. So, seize this opportunity. Check out the discounted prices and booking offers for families, who are interested in spending their winters on a warm and sunny beach, far away from the maddening crowd.