Rajasthan: A Land of Festivals and Colours

Rajasthan is a land which changes color in the blink of an eye, one minute the skies can be clear and in the next, there could be rain. The desert state truly is a celebratory feast of all things considered bountiful and nourishing in life. So let’s check out some of the festivals which pay tribute to this way of life:

  • Mewar Festival: Greeting to the spring season, this festival brings about a new zest in the lives of the people. There is an explosion of colours from the dresses people wear to how the shops and other establishments are decorated with decorative art and bright lights. But this festival also has a special significance for women as idols of Isar and Gangaur (incarnation of Lord Shiva and Parvati) are dressed up and carried in a procession through the streets. The destination? Gangaur Ghat. To experience this festival to the fullest, plan your trip within the months of March or April.
  • The Gangaur Festival: Celebrated during March and April, this is held in honor of the goddess Parvati. Gangaur is a combo of two words- Gan which means Lord Shiva and Gaur which means Goddess Parvati. A procession also takes place from Zanani-Deodhi to Talkatora. The goddess signifies strength, courage, power as well as a marital love for which she is revered and worshipped for married women. During the festival, women apply mehndi and henna on their palms and feet. It is on the seventh day of the occasion that they carry earthen pots to receive gifts from elders and on the final day the earthen pots are broken. The whole festival last for ten days.
  • The Pushkar Fair: Held on the banks of the Pushkar Lake, in the town of Pushkar, this five-day livestock and camel fair attracts eyeballs from all corners. While it is primarily a livestock fair but it attracts a lot of tourists which makes it a fiesta of the cultural bonanza of art, music, puppet shows, Jewelry, shawls, dance, races, competitions as well as food which includes snacks, camel milk cheeses, cakes etc. You will find yourself in the midst of a festival which will light you up and make your stay worth it.
  • Jaipur Literary Festival: The pink city hosts the world’s largest free literary festival which is attended by everyone from Booker prize winners, debut novelists to Nobel laureates. Held over five days, this occasion is a great time to immerse yourself in the debates and discussions of the literary world. It’s not a festival book lovers should miss.
  • Kite Festival: This three-day iconic festival held in Jodhpur is all about immersing yourself in flying kites. Enjoy the competitions, balloon releases and helicopters releasing kites and much more. This festival takes place as part of the harvest festival and is filled with exhibitions, stalls, fairs and much more; all of which makes the festival colourful and enjoyable to watch.

Rajasthan is a dream destination for people and booking Rajasthan tour packages can make your dream tour a dream affair. So just book a train and experience a culture like no other.