Are tactical backpacks a new trend?

Most of you might have heard the term Tactical backpacks before and to be honest it is quite hard to avoid this new trend. Whether you like this new trend or not, it is very clear that this trend is not going any where soon and it is here to stay. The trend is basically obtained from the military and there are people who loves to use military gears in their normal lives. The best thing about these tactical backpacks is that there are some cool benefits that users can enjoy.

Basically, these backpacks were designed especially for the military and the basic purpose of these bags wad to provide the strength, durability and modularity. That is why they were made up with high quality and premium material. The designers have made these bags a little more fashionable and installed some functions that people can use in their normal life routine. For example, some of these bags have a portable USB slot with which users can connect their smartphones and can charge them while travelling. You can find more detailed information on Petagadget.

The tactical backpacks that were first designed for the military were meant to be used in wars. The original backpacks had the ability to store ammo and radio systems and those bags are definitely not for those who are just going to have a coffee with friend at a restaurant. The bag brands and their designer teams have redesigned these bags so that you can carry your phone, VR sets and other gadgets with yourself.

Although the feature of the bag to carry your gadgets seems to be cool but it is not ideal. The only draw back of these bags is that they are too big to carry. Not only they are big but they are heavy as well. You can find tactical backpacks that are lighter as compared to the others but there is a possibility that you have to compromise on some of the features that the other bags would offer. In case you want to get a perfect tactical backpack for yourself you have to keep some key points in mind. We have shortlisted some points that you can look for in the tactical backpack.


The material of the bag will play a vital role in the durability of the bag. These tactical backpacks are known for their strength and durability and if your tactical bag is missing this feature then you might have to reconsider your bag. The standard tactical backpacks are made up of 500D to 1200D Nylon fabric. Today there are backpacks available in the market that are made up with polyester, Kodra and even with 200D Nylon. However, if you are struggling to get a 500D to 1200D nylon backpack then you can get a backpack made up of X-Pac fabric. This fabric is heavy as compared to Nylon but it is weather resistant and hence durable.


It is recommended to get a bag from a known brand because if you are getting a backpack from an unknown shop then there is a possibility that they don’t have a great reputation of having a great track record. Zippers are the most important part of these tactical bags and they can literally make or break the bag.


The construction of these backpacks is important as well. Although it is tough to examine the construction of the bag because anyone can claim that their bag is of high quality construction. Brand reputation can also help you in this regard. However, you can further take help of the backpack reviews to get the insights of the bag’s constriction. There are websites that posts reviews about the tactical backpacks from different brands. Use these reviews to get information about the backpacks and then invest in one that seems to be perfect for your need.

Comfort and access:

As mentioned earlier, strength is not the only feature that these tactical backpacks have to offer. They are comfortable and easily accessible as well. So, if you are going to get a backpack for yourself, make sure that the bag is comfortable on your shoulders and the straps of the bag are firm enough to bear the weight that the bag has to carry. These tactical backpacks are usually designed with one massive cavernous compartment and few smaller and easy to access zipper pockets.

However, the bags can be different in design and all of them have their own pros and cons. Open the bag and have a good look at the compartments of the bag. Make sure that all the pockets of the bag are easily accessible and are according to your need.


This feature of the bag cannot be ignored. Although these backpacks are designed to be functional but that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the design, color and basic aesthetics. If in doubt, you can always invest in a black tactical backpack. Black provides a perfect combination of casual and formal. You can also invest in an olive drab green bag. Just think about this before you commit to the purchase.

Those who are not a frequent traveler might be thinking, why they should invest in these tactical backpacks. The best thing about these bags is that they can be used for schools and even for offices. For frequent travelers it is heaven on earth as it provides them with the volume with which they can easily carry their gadgets and gears. These bags are now available for few hundred dollars and they are not as expensive as they seem to be. The lowest tactical backpack available in the market costs around 109 dollars and you can then stretch it according to your budget. There are some different designs introduced in the market by the different brands and you can do your research before investing in one. No matter in which backpack you are planning to invest, make sure that it is durable and satisfies your needs.