How To Carrier Unlock Your Samsung Phone

In this article we are going to explain the different methods to unlock Samsung phone so you can use with the sim card of your choice. There are many reasons you want to unlock your Samsung phone, maybe you want to switch from your current carrier if not happy with their services or travelling abroad and want to use the local sim card. If you have bought your phone locked with any carrier you may consider unlocking it due to its numerous benefits.

Why Samsung phones are locked

You must be wondering what we meant by “locked mobile phone”. To better understand this, here is an illustration. Every mobile phone uses a SIM card from a service provider and each of this Subscriber Information Module (SIM) has a unique serial number. Thus, this serial number is used to identify the owner of the phone. The service provider companies like AT&T, T-Mobile, MetroPCS etc. lock phones so that only a designated SIM card is supported. Thus, you cannot use any other SIM card with the phone.

If a locked Samsung phone is leased to you by carrier or if you happen to be the owner of a locked phone, then you may face a little problem as you cannot use another SIM card with it and the market value will be low.

Although unlocking of most phones can be done easily from home by using some software or by using an unlock code. More so, there are some websites that sell these codes to unlock your samsung phone.

Benefits of Unlocked Samsung Phones

If you have a locked Samsung phone, then you must be faced with a serious problem of not being able to use another SIM card in it. However, if you are thinking of unlocking your Samsung phone, here are the benefits you simply want to unlock.

1. Switch between various carriers as you like

If you unlock your Samsung phone, you wouldn’t need to become a slave to a single carrier. You can easily switch between the various carriers of your choice depending on what you want.

2. Increased resale value

If you have an unlocked Samsung phone, its resale value would be increased as it is available to more carriers and buyer having freedom to use any sim card.

3. Great for travel

If you are traveling overseas, you no longer need to purchase new phones to your new destination. All you need to do is to change the SIM card to that of your new country. This feature makes an unlocked Samsung phone useful for travelers.

How to know if your Samsung Phone is locked

The easiest way to know if your Samsung phone is locked is to insert a different SIM card unto it. There are majorly 2 possible outcomes. It is either you see the new network name or you receive an error message. Of course, the first outcome indicates that the Samsung phone is working fine while the second scenario indicates that the phone is locked.

So, the question is: How to unlock a Samsung phone?

Once you have discovered if your Samsung phone is locked, the next step is how to unlock the phone. There are various methods of unlocking Samsung phones but for the sake of this article, we will focus on 2 methods; the code method and the software method.

Unlock by code

The unlock code method is by far the most efficient method of unlocking Samsung phones. There are several companies are available who are providing unlock code for samsung phones. Just make sure to choose the reliable one to get the geniune code. Also be sure to provide the correct details of your phone to get the correct code.

Unlock by software

The software method requires that you install certain software and use it to unlock the phone. However, recent cases have reported that this process leaves your phone vulnerable and the information may be easily accessible by third parties or even you may damage you device.

Unlock by network carriers

The easiest and safest way to unlock your Samsung phone is by contacting the network carrier directly. Many carriers are however strict about which phone they will unlock. More so, the unlock process is usually timed and you can only enjoy the benefits of an unlocked Samsung phone for a limited period of time. Most carriers usually require a minimum of 6 months contract with them. Once this time elapses, you will need to sign up for another 6 months with them in other to enjoy your Samsung phone for another fixed period of time.


Samsung mobile is undoubtedly one of the leading companies when it comes to mobile phones. Their products have gained a wide attention online in the recent years. However, many people face the problem of locked devices which means that they cannot use any other SIM card in the phone. In such a case, unlocking your Samsung phone is usually the best option. Hopefully, the above guide will assist you in unlocking your Samsung phone.