7 Things to Do In Morocco for an Enriching Trip

If you are planning to go to Morocco then the best way to visit it would be by having a bucket list. This list will allow you to do everything that Morocco is really famous for. It will ensure that you do not waste any time in Morocco doing something you actually have no interest in.

Morocco has many amazing places to visit and many more wonderful experiences to give. Morocco is an excellent retreat for everyone and is sure to give you memories to remember for a life time.

Here is a bucket list of some of the most exciting things to try out in Morocco. You can try these things the next time your travel plans put you in Morocco.

1. Admire the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca

Hassan II is the largest mosque in the world. It has a capacity of over a 100,000 people. It is a really beautiful place to look at and will definitely take your breath away.
According to historical sources, this mosque is the culmination of the work of over 6,000 artisans chipping away for a span of five years. This mosque has taken quite an effort to look the way it does right now.

The only problem is that non-Muslims are not allowed inside the mosque. This is quite restricting, but the exteriors of the mosque are just as beautiful and intricately designed. It is definitely worth a visit even if only from the outside.

You can opt for any Morocco private tour to experience it!

2. Spend a night in the Saharan desert

The Saharan desert is an enchanting place in the night. It is a breathe taking natural marvel. If you are lucky enough to spend the full moon night there, then you will know how beautiful this desolate place can get.

The scenery of the ever-moving sand dunes with the light shining on is a sight to behold. The night sky is always filled with a spread of bright and sparkling stars.
And if star gazing is too boring then you can opt for camel riding, sand boarding or quad biking.

3. Hike your way in the Atlas Mountain

Nature has truly blessed Morocco in terms of natural beauty and scenery. The grand Atlas mountain range represents strength and stability in this country. It instils a sense of pride with just a gaze.

For the adventurous lot of people, it makes an excellent hiking option through its valleys and mountain tops. The hiking options are open throughout the year, but the best time would be in the months of April-May.

You can check out SettiFatma, the home of seven waterfalls for an amazing experience.

4. Check out the tanneries in Fes

Fes has been the home of leather products from the medieval era. Not a lot has changed in this place. The methods to make the leather products are just as same as before. This makes it a fascinating place to be at.

The tanneries are a unique sight. Though it has a stink to it so you might need some mint on you to keep you from gagging. The ladies will definitely love this place for its bounty of belts, shoes and handbags.

5. Stroll through the blue streets of Chefchaouen

If there is one place that gives a relaxing vibe and not a beach then it is the city of Chefchaouen. Located in the middle of Morocco’s Rif Mountains, it is quite a visually appeasing place.

The streets are painted in a sparkling spread of blue paint. It almost feels as if you are walking through the skies. There is beauty in the rugged and weathered corners and pavements in this place.

6. Try your hand at surfing

Morocco has always surprised me with its variance. There are just so many stark opposites that you will find Morocco as a complete package for a holiday.
If you ever get tired of strolling and visiting places then you should definitely try surfing at Essaouira.

For the best experience go to the city of Taghazoute and surf the rolling waves. Though if you are a beginner it is always important to be a little careful in these waters.
And if you are tired from all the exertions then there are many cafes adjoining the sea shore to choose from for a quick snack.

7. Stay at a Riad

If you are looking to spend a couple of days in the city then you should try to opt for Riads instead of the traditional hotels. Riads are the homes of the locals which have been converted into home stays.

You will definitely find the stay here very pleasing. Remember to check the place for all of its features before staying over at a Riad. Look out for a swimming pool to keep you cool in the hot summers.

Morocco is a wonderful place to experience. It will leave you in a tangle of joy and amazement every single time.