Coping with long distance relationships

Nowadays international online dating is gaining popularity among American and European singles. Unfortunately, like everything on the internet, there are a lot of black sheep in the business. I’ve met my girlfriend on such a dating platform, but I did my research on the internet and got more information about these sites with searches like this– Review of VictoriaHearts Dating Site is It Scam or Not?.

My girlfriend and I are living in different countries for the time being, so I am not a stranger to all the pitfalls of a long distance relationship. A lot of people didn’t believe that our relationship would actually work – met on the internet and living miles apart. With a little effort and a lot of creativity we have managed to keep the relationship alive.Here are some proven long distance relationship activities that will definitely make you and your woman closer emotionally, even if you are physically separated.

“How was your day?” is not enough

People, who have a lack of fantasy, are wondering: do long distance relationships work? I’m not going to lie that it’s easy to be connected with someone who is a thousand miles away from you. Yes, it takes a lot of work, but it’s possible to keep and develop such relationship. You can take a look at this Victoria Hearts review to find some inspiration and maybe motivation to invest in your relationship.

The first thing you need to know is that talking with your partner online about your day is not enough if you want to develop your relationship and move it to the next stage. Yes, it’s important to share the daily events with each other, but you also should get beyond these talks and start searching for new things to do together to create sweet memories and those special moments. Sometimes it’s a little bit scary to try something new. It can seem silly, or you can’t be sure your partner will enjoy it. But it’s better to try and fail than fail to try, as ultimately it’s all about how to keep your partner happy in a long distance relationship.

Take a quiz together

I recommend you start with taking a partner quiz together. It’s a great activity if you want to discover more about your date. There are millions of quizzes on the Internet, so you can find the one that suits you best.

You can also try classical knowledge quizzes, they are mental exercise and great just to have fun. There is only one rule: don’t get upset if turns out that your partner is smarter than you.

Take a virtual stroll through your city

This is one of my favorite long distance relationship date ideas. Take your partner on a virtual walk around your city. Visit your favorite places, take photos and videos and send her them when strolling through the streets. Let your partner know what you are doing and feeling right now. Visit your favorite coffee shop and make a video Skype call to her from there. And the next day, ask your lady to take you for a walk where she lives. It will make feel closer. This especially interesting if you are living in countries with different cultures like the author of this blog post –

Play “Truth or Dare” with your online dating partner

My girlfriend said that when we first started calling each other every day, she tried to find games to play over the phone with boyfriend to make our talks more exciting for me. One of the games she found was “Truth or Dare”. I still enjoy it.

The rules are simple. You need to choose between Truth and Dare. If you choose Truth, your girlfriend can ask you any question relating to your life, and you should answer it honestly. If you choose Dare, she can give you any task to do. And then you switch. But I must warn you that you both should respect your partner’s boundaries to prevent an intriguing game from becoming an awkward situation.

Play online games

There are also a lot of long distance relationship games couples can play online. Choose an online multiplayer game that you both like and have some fun. My girlfriend and I prefer playing chess and doing crosswords together.

Send presents to each other

When you are apart, it’s good to give each other something tangible as a symbol of your love and care. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s even better to set a dollar limit for the long distance relationship gifts you exchange (e.g. $30, not including delivery). You can even create your own romantic box and put there several small gifts for your partner. By the way, even dating sites now offer gift delivery services to their members. Click here to learn more –

Take your partner on a virtual movie date

Set aside evenings to watch a movie or a TV show while you are on the phone or Skype together. It’s one of the most popular long distance relationship ideas among couples who are struggling with a long distance relationship.

Start with the shows you both like and then leave your comfort zone and explore your lady’s taste in movies. The last TV show we watched together was “Big Little Lies”, and I highly recommend this show for couple watching beginners.

Use Skype to play intimate games

If you are not only chatting and texting but also using Skype, or any other video conferencing app, to talk to each other, then you have more opportunities to become more intimate. There are some long distance relationship games to play on Skype, if you know your partner well enough and your relationship allows getting a little more personal.

If you like playing poker you can slightly change the stakes to spice up your virtual rendezvous by playing strip poker with your date.

And if you have already been physically more intimate with each other before, you can try going a little further by reliving the moments together via webcam. These are great options for keeping the fire between you alive.

A shared experience is the key to a successful relationship. I hope that after reading this article, your own creative brain will generate several more interesting long distance relationship activities for you and your partner! Just feel free to leave your comfort zone and experiment with new things.