5 Ways To Enjoy (Some Of) The Best Morocco Has To Offer

Morocco tour companies have every reason to celebrate: Morocco is truly a beautiful place that is a hot-spot destination for tourists for decades. In 1985, the Moroccan government set up a tourism company. Last year over 9.7 million people toured in Morocco. Let’s take a good look at just why that could be.

1. Spa Resorts

It’s no surprise that Morocco is hot and sunny for the majority of the year – rivaling the United States’ southern states. (Know, though, that Tangier, Rabat and Essaouira are blessed with an ocean breeze.) Morocco tours will easily (even more-than-easily) connect you with various spa resorts when you’re fiending for a luxurious evening of relaxation.

Reviewers on TripAdvisor gave a “Best Value” rating these 4-star hotels in Morocco:

  • Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort – $187
  • Sentido Kenzi Menara Place – $126
  • Labrana Targa Club Aquapark $91
  • Paradise Plage Surg Yoga & Spa Resort – $137
  • ClubHotel Riu Tikida Palmeraie – $181
  • ClubHotel Riu Tikida Dunas – $193

3. PurpleDinner

This website service puts you in touch with someone who opens up their home to dinners. You don’t even have to spend the full night! Just pay the price, show up, meet interesting people (and possibly befriend them), enjoy a homemade meal from another part of the world, and off you go in a few hours. This is a tremendous experience for making new friends over a fine meal. (And isn’t enjoying yourself the entire reason you’re on vacation?)

4. Take Group Cabs

Transportation in Morocco is heavily populated. Therefore, expect to take cabs with one or more passengers. If you’d prefer to take your own cab, be warned that group cabs are generally less expensive than single-rider cabs. This ends up saving you money in the long run, allowing you to enjoy the more luxurious storefronts and spa resorts Morocco has for you. There are other forms of transportation in Morocco, however—such as rail network transportation—if the cab ride isn’t your ideal cup of tea.

5. Browse The Town

Vendors, café owners and restauranteurs are making a living. (Heck, did you know that you have to pay for table cloths in some restaurants? These are a luxury item.) Prices are going to be expensive – much like most of America. However, this isn’t a problem if you’re keen on doing some wandering about towns or next door neighbours. Oddly enough, prices in town vary from store owner to store owner – and you may just find the price you’re looking for down the street. There’s no perfect time for putting on your “Indiana Jones” hat and going on a Moroccan adventure for a cup of coffee to save yourself money. (Plus, there’s no telling what kind of stories you’ll be able to tell your friends back home when you get lost.)


This list is just a few of the tremendous things you can do to have a fun time in Morocco. I hope you’ve picked up the underlying importance of making new friends. You will be a foreigner to Moroccan citizens as they’re a foreigner to you. This provides an endless amount of story-swapping on both parts. Human life was made to make connections and share our lives together. Morocco can help you do that, further enrichening your life and your perspective on what it means to be alive.