5 free apps that are useful for your holiday travels

Country borders, network differences, differences in currency, and language differences are just a few of the problems we all face when moving around the globe. When it’s just a small journey, you might not care. But when it’s a holiday travel, you would want to know where you are going, where to start the journey, where to go after arriving, how to find a network, and where to do what.

These 5 apps are very useful in helping you do a lot during your holiday travels, and they’re free:

1. Rome2rio – planning your route:

Holiday travels are tedious and can get more complicated when you’re struggling to map your route and decide where to go and where to take the bus after arrival. You don’t have to pretend to know a particular place, all you need is Rome2rio and you are good to go.

Rome2rio is amazing. It has accurate route information on more than 158 countries, which is constantly updated by its network of more than 4,800 transportation operatives. Available trains, driving options, flights, ferries, buses, and fares, as well as the estimated time of travel are all provided by Rome2rio’s connected global network. You can also select the booking.com option when searching to get information on accommodation.

2.Packpoint – Travel packing app

That moment when you’ve taken off already and your fleece jacket or your sleepwear is nowhere to be found or your cell phone charger didn’t follow you. It’s not about your brain. You just needed help, including everything you’ll need during the holidays.

Packpoint will automatically give you a list of the things you need to pack. You don’t need a lot to get a bespoke parking list. All that is needed by Packpoint to give you a list is your destination, how long you are staying, and the date you’re leaving. Don’t get angry when the app gives you unmatched clothes sometimes, just tweak the list and make it better and you’ll have excellent results.

3. Priceline – where to stay

Searching for a place to stay in your new destination is equally a daunting task. All you need is Priceline. Apart from giving you access to many accommodation options, the platform also comes with cheap rates and discounts to help you save for other things. The current prices, the location, amenities available, and nearness of an accommodation to important destinations, including tourists centers are all information you can find using Priceline.

Other equally useful apps to find accommodation include:

  • Booking.com
  • Airbnb
  • Hotel Tonight

4. Circa – the time zone app

After traveling for a long time, you begin to wonder: is it Sunday or Saturday? You need an app like Circa to help you navigate the different time zones properly no matter where you find yourself. This is a good app when you are planning to meet family or friends in your new destination. It’s a simple app, non-cluttered, and easy to navigate. You won’t get lost inside it.

5. Yelp – Find a business/something to do

You went to your holiday destination for a purpose. You will probably want to have some fun, check in at new places, and possibly record some memories. But you are a newbie, so how do you find the right place? Yelp has the solution.

You might want to see a local business, have your hair done, stretch yourself at a nightclub, or shop for a while. Yelp’s peer review platform has all manner of businesses and can help you find your ideal place.

Planning a successful route in today’s world doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With these simple to use apps, you can have a successful holiday.

So are you traveling this holiday? Tell us about the apps you love to use when traveling.