What are the different kinds of karaoke machines?

Karaoke machines are ideal party devices that can be good for entertainment whether you are with your family or friends. You can either use it for singing in public, which can be pretty thrilling, or use it at home just for fun.

Given the entertainment karaoke machines provide, there are a number of companies manufacturing these devices. This has given a lot of options for the customers to choose from. This has created confusion amongst customers regarding the best choice. Reading karaoke machine reviews can resolve the problem. Nevertheless, this article will guide you over four kinds of karaoke machines. They all are focused at playing musical tracks but they vary in how they achieve this.

All-in-one system

This system entails all the things you need to play, read and hear the song you will sing. It includes a CD player, monitor for the display for lyrics and speakers. But there is one drawback associated with it. It often doesn’t come with music. You will have to purchase CDs before the machine can really be used. The monitor size also ranges from 10 to 14 inches which may be a problem for some who needs larger screens.

TV monitor systems

TV monitor systems come with karaoke CD player and features over a pair of speakers. However, it requires a television for display of lyrics to the songs. It can even be attached to your stereo system. There are some designs that are not bigger than DVD players making them a portable and a convenient option, but you will still need a TV. Depending on the system, it may even include a large library of karaoke songs. Other may need a separate purchase of music library.

Built-in microphone

These karaoke systems come with microphones with a built-in song selection. It is easier to hook up with a TV and has the ability to connect with a stereo system. More precisely, these can also include a TV monitor system. The player is the microphone itself. Each system has a different set of microphones each having a different range of songs already there.

MP3 system

These systems do not employ CD systems. Rather there are digital downloads of karaoke songs involved. There is an MP3 system attached. It is the smallest karaoke system but it may require an additional monitor to read the lyrics just like built-in microphone systems. The lead vocal track can easily be removed with special karaoke downloads. The MP3 player allows the user to download tracks even before they are available on CDs. This makes this system a convenient option amongst all since it is even in line with the new technology.


These were the four karaoke systems that are widely available in the market these days. They tend to offer versatility, portability and entertainment, of course. All of them vary in price. However, the professional systems can be very expensive compared to regular ones. You can even add supplemental devices to these systems to enhance its functionality.