4 hacks to make your life easier as a business traveler

Travelling for business can be very worthwhile. It gives you the opportunity to make new connections and strengthen existing corporate relationships. However, it can also be very stressful so here’s a few hacks to help make your business trip more enjoyable.

1. Pack smart and in advance

Not being properly packed or packing at the last minute is a sure way to send your stress levels through the roof. Start your business trip chilled by making sure you are packed well ahead of your travel date. Keep all important documents and information with you and have copies on zip drives in case there are any technology issues. Have a special section in your bag for travel documents and your passport. Make sure it is easily accessible so you can get through check in as quickly as possible. Consider what activities you will be doing each day and weather conditions and only take what you will need. If you travel a lot always keep your suitcase partially packed and renew your toiletries when your trip is over. This will make packing easier for your next trip.

2. Take time out to relax

While your main reason for your trip is travel, there is no reason you can’t wind down when the work is over. You could do this by extending your stay so you have a few days to explore, or simply by chilling out and enjoying a film at the end of a busy day. You don’t even have to find a cinema, you can watch movies online. Free movies streaming is the norm these days and it is a great way to check out the new releases or classic flicks. Just make sure you have a good WIFI signal.

3. Don’t forget all the smaller details

Small details are tedious to sort out but can be annoying if you forget them. Ensure you pack all your travel essentials like travel adaptors to charge your devices and a small first aid kit with painkillers and antacid pills. No-one wants their business trip disrupted by illness so be prepared.

Keep a physical copy of your travel documents as well as an email/digital version. It is also a good idea to scan your passport and email it to yourself so you have a copy in case it is lost or stolen during your trip.

If you are travelling abroad, change some cash before you go so you can get the best rate on your currency before you go and make sure you tell your bank or credit card company that you are going away. They could become suspicious if they notice your card is being used in a different country.

4. Be savvy when it comes to air miles and your time at the airport

If you do a lot of business travelling then it is worth sticking to one airline. Your loyalty will get you perks, air miles and also give you more chance of an upgrade.

Make sure you arrive at the airport several hours before your flight and check out the airport lounge. Most provide food, drink and a quiet place to charge your devices and do your work. You can legitimately add this as a business expense.