Top 5 Good Dares for Guys

There are so many good dares out there that you can give a guy for some major laughs. But when you actually sit down to play Truth and Dare and somebody does pick dare, it often happens that you just sit there and wonder what to give. So many a times, instead of giving an amazing dare that will have the whole group in laughing fits, you end up giving a very mellow dare and what ensues is some awkward laughs from the rest of the crew. You may even think back to this moment later and realizes other amazing dares you could have given.

So to make truth or dare purely fun for you, we have picked out the top five dares you can give a guy so you can enjoy the thrill of him performing it while laughing to your wit’s end:

Texting Their Crush

This is a dare that never fails to make the game interesting. If you know who this guy likes, dare him to text her. You know how long guys usually take to confess their feelings to someone. He will probably get really awkward and might try to back out of it but you hold him to his word and make this fun!

Eating Raw Vegetables

When any vegetable that is best eaten cooked is eaten raw, you gag. This is a disgusting ordeal and I’m sure even most vegetarians and vegans will find this to be disturbing (Unless they are hardcore). Ask them to eat five whole raw potatoes or turnips. Alternatively, you can even ask them to eat some fruit with the skin on, like bananas, for example; or a watermelon. Set a time limit to make it extra fun and roll over in your laughter while your friend gags on disgusting edibles.

Apply Makeup

This could work in a number of ways. Put on makeup and go outside, put on makeup, take a selfie and upload it on all the social media he has. This is nothing but pure fun. You can even ask him to paint his nails or get a manicure. The nail paint won’t come off for quite some time and it will be hilarious to watch him squirm in this little ordeal.


Waxing any part of a guy’s body is a hilarious dare that can actually be considered a classic since it’s been popular for so long now. Remember that guys are usually quite hairy and it will be very painful for them, so try to trim a little hair first so you don’t call forth a medical emergency! The most popular waxing region is the legs or the chest for guys. It will have you in fits, guaranteed!

Pole Dance

You can dare a guy to pole dance like a stripper. Making a public spectacle out of it is hilarious but if you are just a few people, you can post the video on any number of social media platforms for all his friends and family to see!