5 Simple Steps Regarding Teeth Care

There are so many advancements in Dentistry that there are now very few problems that cannot be solved when it comes to caring of the oral cavity. You no longer even have to wear dentures when you have a tooth or two extracted thanks to all the Implant Dentists.

Even so, it is always better to practice preventive dentistry than going for treatment after something in your teeth does go wrong. So here are some simple steps that can help you take better care of your teeth:

Brush Twice a Day

You might feel that most of these steps are childish and you already know them but we are here to tell you the significance of each step. Brushing your teeth is great for removing the plaque that has accumulated on your teeth throughout the day. It also removes food that has gotten stuck in your teeth while you eat. If this food and plaque are left to stay for too long, you could be looking at potential tooth loss and recession of the gums. You might even get calculus stones stuck to your teeth and they are quite painful to remove.

Use a Suitable Tooth Paste

Consult your dentist about the status of your oral health and ask him to recommend a toothpaste that can help your oral hygiene get better. For example, he can give you a toothpaste that freshens your breath if you have bad breath or a toothpaste that whitens your teeth if they are getting yellow.

Floss Regularly

So many of us neglect to floss daily. This is not a good practice because there are many benefits to flossing. Firstly, floss gets rid of food particles that get stuck in the spaces between your teeth. Uf left for too long, these food particles become the basis for cavities being formed by bacteria in the teeth. Floss is also great for removing plaque and keeping your gums in good health which saves you from periodontal disease.

Go For Regular Checkups

You need to visit your dentist at least once in six months to get your dental status checked and to fix any problems you might have in your oral cavity as soon as they arise. If you do not frequent the dentist and there are problems in your teeth they will only get worse progressively and could even become the basis for tooth loss.

Keep Your Habits in Check

Many of our everyday habits harm our teeth greatly. If you smoke too many cigarettes or frequently chew tobacco, betel nut or any such thing, your teeth start getting stained. They also weaken and become prone to falling out as well. If you are an addict and cannot seem to stop yourself, try to use toothpaste or mouthwash that is specifically made for smokers and tobacco addicts. Also, try to stay away from sweet foods as much as possible since they attract bacteria in large numbers and are one of the most common reasons for cavities.