Tips for Hiring a Top-Notch House Painter

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your house, the painting job should complement the structural work. Here are some of the best traits painters should have in order to have outstanding results.  

House Painting Contractor Schedule 

The house painter should arrive on the agreed time and if running late, then, it’s courteous to call and inform the client. The time lost for the lateness will have an effect on the duration the paint job was supposed to end, so the painter should work fast but efficiently to cover this time.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

It’s not easy to cover up for a painting job gone horribly wrong. The painter makes sure they have painted enough layers, to bring out the rich color of the paint. Ensure the paint lines are straight and focus on the details such as door frames and wardrobe side walls. Being meticulous calls for patience and consistency. The painter should be satisfied for a job well done.

Painter Reputation

New Jersey’s house painters have excellent reviews which you can easily get from their previous customers. These reviews can easily be accessed through the company’s website. Ask for references and call them. Get as much information of the painter’s past works, if you can get the photos, the better.


At times, painters can encounter challenges on the job. They can call their supervisor for any help needed or be able to provide a way forward. The growth in the painting industry calls for painters to regularly update themselves with the new equipment and paint, hence be able to lay out the various options but leave the final decision to the client.

Plan Your Painting Project 

Though well skilled in the job, a painter should have a listening ear for the client. Furthermore, it’s their premises being painted so they have the final word.


Not all painters have the technique and capability to do well on every job. The painter should be sincere enough to inform the client whether they have the technique and equipment to do the job. If not, they can guide the client where to get a professional painter capable of taking on the job.


Having somebody into your home gives them access to your property and family. Get a painter that can be trusted and has no past criminal records. The references should be able to tell what kind of person you are hiring.


Challenges may arise and the painting schedule is disrupted. The painter is required to inform the client of any issues they have encountered, how they have or are going to solve and if there is more paint or equipment needed. If the painting will take longer than the schedule, the painting company should inform the client if the extra time will result in added expenses.

Perform a Final Review with the House Painters 

If the paint lines are crooked, there are uneven patches, the painter should accept and make the necessary changes. A painter can check out the various techniques of his colleagues who are better than him and enhance his skills.

Hire a house painting contractor who can deliver on time, is resourceful, a good listener, trustworthy, and has a commendable reputation. You will certainly enjoy their services.

Written by Barbara McGee