Three Things to Consider When Building A Brand Through Social Media

One of the words that you’ll hear repeatedly when you’re learning about marketing is branding. If someone, whether there are doing so on behalf of their business or for themselves, builds an effective brand, other people will immediately recognize it wherever they see it, understand what it represents, and, ideally, be drawn to it. It isn’t an easy thing to manage, and it usually takes a good deal of time to achieve it. But the good news is that there are many more tools by which one can achieve this currently, with social media being on top of the list. Social media accounts on various outlets allow for you to use consistent posting so that you can create a brand that people will know and appreciate the instant that they see it.

Building such a brand doesn’t come without planning. You must think of the posts that you make as composites, with specific elements that go into every one of them that need to be in place for each post to be complete. If you can create a brand to which people gravitate, you will find ways to get more followers, never an easy task to accomplish. By contrast, careless posts will create inconsistency, which is the number-one enemy in solidifying a brand. As a result, you should try to put together the following three elements in every one of your posts, big or small, so that your brand can start to emerge sooner than later.


When you are telling people whatever you want to say on your social media account, you also have to keep in mind that you are trying to subconsciously get them to notice the brand that you are starting to build. That means that keywords and hashtags should be a part of what you’re doing, and these should be chosen beforehand with the big picture of the brand in mind.

2. Pictures

The visual aspects of your posts might be a photograph or even some video, but the bottom line is that there should be some concession to brand-building included in whatever you choose to do. You might try to insert a logo in whatever you’re doing if you are a business. As for the folks trying to build brands just for themselves, a certain style that you’re trying to cultivate should be considered in each of the video elements.

3. Tone

Branding goes beyond the obvious signposts of catchphrases and logos. It also refers to what people can expect from you, as a business or as a person. It could mean elegance, or silliness, or no-nonsense information. If you need to download Instagram stories to achieve this tone, so be it. But it should be consistently achieved so that your followers will get what they’re seeking from your posts.

As you can tell, social media accounts need to be managed with the utmost care if you’re trying to build a brand through them. Anything short of that will be a brand-building fail.