The Best Gifts for College Students

In any holiday gifts and the process of their delivery play an important role. When you look for a gift for a student, pay special attention to its originality and usefulness. You also need to focus on the interests of the academician, his/her hobbies and character. It does not matter what holiday is; it can be Birthday, Christmas, Thanks Giving Day, Student’s Day or even St. Valentine’s Day. There is a plenty of useful and interesting things that can be presented to any collegian. Since modern youth need everything and always, you can buy any one of the mentioned below gifts. Young and crazy crave for new adventures and surprises, and each gift will be taken happily.

Laptop Backpack

Every student of 21st century has a PC or a laptop, which is taken everywhere. To have a fashionable and handy backpack for a laptop is not only a beautiful attribute for a young man but also a very needed and useful thing. When you chose a backpack, check that all zips are fine and don’t stick when they are unzipped. The material of a backpack is desirable to be waterproof and hard enough to ensure better protection to a laptop. The color is not the last to be taken in consideration; if you manage to find the backpack of the collegian’ favorite color, you get the highest appreciation and your gift will never be forgotten.


It is hard to surprise youth with mobile phones since they know everything about them and many have the latest models. Should you charm a secret wish out of an undergraduate and buy a dream Smartphone, you can relax and wait for the time to present it. The perfect add will be a cover. You are provided with an enormous amount of coverings that fit the Smartphone you bought. Think about the tastes of your fellow and select the best cover for him.

Headphones or earbuds

We all love music but when you are young, you cannot live without it. Every young man has several headphones or earbuds. But we guarantee that they are always not enough. Having some big headphones a student is going to look cool and fashionable; he will have a feeling as if he is at home and listen to the music or watch a movie with 3D sound. If you present little earbuds, your friend is going to feel comfortable at sport. Having tiny earbuds he will be able to skip tracks, answer the phone calls or adjust volume, when he is running or doing any other fast movements. The earbuds will be fixed inside the ears, while the big headphones will fall down right away.


The updated PC, laptop or a tablet would be highly welcomed by every young person. It is not a problem to make the choice; when you come to the store a sales manager will be there to give you advice.

USB flash drives

USB flash drives are the right hand to every student. The USB flash drive keeps all necessary information, pictures, presentations, and documents. It is a tremendous disaster when a flash drive with important assignment is lost. Is not it great if a student would have two or three flash drives where he would save copies of necessary papers?

Concert ticket

If you do not know the music tastes of the person whom you are looking the gift for, just ask him/her and you will have one more option to the gift to make. A ticket to the favorite musical band is one of the usual dreams of any person.

A student will feel your endeavors and care if you present the ticket packed in the T-shirt with a picture of the band that will be playing on that concert. In this way your gift will be complete and done better than ever.

Desk lamp

Do you notice that your friend studies and reads a lot during the night time? Do you think that his eyes hurt because of bad lighting? It is time to help him and present a good desk lamp or a high-quality light bulb though. The years of studying should be remembered not only by parties and fling, but by studying process that brings enjoyment and comfort.

Journey to another country

Journey to another country will be a good solution if you have enough of money and want to really surprise a student. The trip will stick to the memory, bring a huge amount of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions, and will be remembered by photos taken during traveling. Even if you take a ticket to the North Pole, we believe a true student will have fun there and even find a penguin to make a photo with.

Portable battery

Sometimes your college fellow forgets to charge his mobile phone and cannot be reached because it is dead, doesn’t he? Present him a portable battery which can recharge a phone or a tablet any time.


We could not forget about a universal gift, on which a student can buy a lot. To present money we recommend inventing an interesting way to do that and not to use boring envelope.

1. A girl can receive a bouquet made of money. You need to fold the bank notes and form flowers, join them together, add more natural flowers and voila;

2. A picture made of money. Take a picture of nature, write down good wishes on it, arrange the banknotes randomly and cover all this with glass. You will need to frame this picture and the gift is ready;

3. Money in helium balloons will be a beautiful and original gift. The main thing is to manage to tuck them inside a ball. You can add confetti to add greater brilliance.


Most people at a young age dream of bailing out. Now it is simply to make this dream come true, since almost every city has an agency that organizes skydiving. A bailout certificate will be an excellent gift for every student.

The bailout can be replaced by another extreme action: flight in an air tube, extreme driving lessons, paintball or laser jet, paragliding.

Now you are told exactly what to give to students. Any gift you make will be a pleasant surprise for students. After all, during the years of studying young people enjoy life and give everyone positive emotions. Whatever you choose, the present will be perceived as the most expensive thing. The only main task for you is that the gift should be presented with love and care.