Successful Steps to Good Essay Writing

Essays hold an inevitable importance in one’s academic life. Whether you are working on a school project or applying for international scholarships, an essay is the way to introduce your views to the reader. Writing an essay is huge task in itself however, it can be broken down into simple and manageable steps which can be easily handled once at a time.

Here are a few tips which I use to write my essays and they work great for writing all types of essays.

Select a topic

If an essay is a solar system then a topic is the Sun in it. All the points and arguments in your essay revolve around the topic which holds the central focus. Selection of the topic is the first thing that needs to be done before you start penning your ideas down on paper. While selecting a topic, make sure that it complies with your knowledge reserve and the requirements of the reader.

Draw out an outline

Once you have decided on a topic, it is now time to draw out an outline for your essay. An essay outline serves as a draft for writing the essay and it offers you a flow to streamline your writing in a sequential manner. This step not only lets you add important points to your topic but also exclude the irrelevant ones. For writing a well-organized essay, it is important to draw an outline firstly.

Craft a thesis statement

A thesis statement works like a bait to catch readers’ interest. It has two parts; one is the topic and the other part includes your view on it. This statement shall be written as an opening to your essay, at the end of introduction, so that the reader may get an idea of what your essay is going to be about. It is advisable to keep this part as simple and as catchy as possible.

Work out the essay body

In this part, the most relevant points are sorted in the starting and in the end of the body. Whereas; the lesser relevant ones are placed in the middle of the essay body. This step ensures that no important point is left untouched by the writer and that the essay flows in a sequential manner.

Write an introduction

By writing a solid introduction, you are not only able to catch reader’s interest but also present your views in a proper manner. The introduction shall be tantalizing and may include upon dialogues, facts, quotes or stories. Make sure that it complies with your thesis statement as the statement will be added in the end of introduction.

Pen down the conclusion

Conclusion is the extract of all the knowledge and facts which you have penned down in your essay. This part does not include all the essay points in concise manner instead; it is the main idea which is delivered as a mutual essence of all the previously written points.

Review and finalize the write-up

Although writing the conclusion may seem like an end to your essay, but it’s really not. Even the experienced essay writers opt to review their essay to add final touch-ups. This step ensures that your essay is written exactly how you wanted it to be written.