7 Things Every Mom Needs in 2018 To Keep The Family Healthy and Safe.

East or west home is the best. This is the place where you feel safe and protected from any harm. Unfortunately, statistics show that every year, about 3 million kids are hurt at their homes. Unless you are in school or working, it is estimated that an individual, especially kids can spend abut 90% of their time in the house. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that your home environment is as safe as possible.

The health and safety of a home is mainly about protecting the environment at home and taking preventative measures of any illnesses that may arise. Below are some of the major things that every mom should do in2018 in order to maintain the health and the safety of the people in the house.

Lock up all medications and poisonous products.

As earlier said, a lot of time is spent indoors, especially by kids. This may give them an opportunity to try out different things that may cause health issues. Products end up in home for various uses, for instance, medication cleaners, cosmetic items, etc. Children put almost everything in their mouth and in your absence, all these products may end up in their mouth and if not taken care of, it might lead to serious health problems or even death. To eliminate these risks, it is recommended that you should never leave any product unfit for consumption in any children’s reach.

Look out for allergens and irritants.

Spending too much time indoors makes you breathe a lot of stuff. Some may be vulnerable due to environmental pollutants. It is important ensure that your house has as many ventilation’s as possible. Also, you should not let people smoke in your house and the humidity levels should be at minimum levels I order to prevent the growth of molds. If you suspect anything that may be resulting to allergies, get rid of it.

Use whole home filters.

Water is one of the most used contents at home and water for usage should be free from contamination’s. In order to clear your water and make it safe for usage, it is recommended that you should install a whole house water filtration from clear water. By using the water filtration system, you will not only be healthy but you will have a peace of mind knowing that there are no contaminants in your water.

Ensure that your house is carefully and properly renovated.

If you are leaving in an old house, there is a high probability that it has lead in the paint and under the top coats. When this lead dust gets stirred up during renovations, it will have toxic particles that are a risk to the people in the house. As a mom, you would not want to put your children at risk and it is thus important to look out for certified contractors experienced in removing the leaded materials.

Ensure that you ban the parasites safely.

Parasites and rodents may not have a high health risk but in eliminating them, the toxins contaminate the air you breathe thus bringing health problems. When using pesticides, it is recommended that you should use the smallest quantity possible. If possible, use gels and baits instead of sprays.

Always be prepared for fire.

According to statistics, kids younger than 5 years are more prone to fire deaths than adults as it is very hard for them to escape. It is recommended that you should install fire smoke alarms on every room and basement. You should also have the basic knowledge on how to use it. Teach all the people in your household on the usage basics.

Ensure you have a guard against scalding.

There is a high likelihood that young children will drown in a bathtub, in addition to this, they might get burned. While bathing, always ensure that your water heater is set to 120 degrees F. Also, before placing your child in the tub, always test the water yourself.