7 Writing Tips for Beginners

Some say that ‘writing is not meant for everyone’; ‘Not everyone can be a good writer’. But I don’t agree with this theory. I mean if we all know how to read and write what makes sense then it doesn’t matter at all. It is essential that what we write is effective and is well connected to make sense.

So if you too want to start up with writing, it can be for different reasons, like essays for school, essay for studying abroad, resume writing for your first job or as a professional writer. For any writing to be effective, you must know some basic rules of writing that will make your write up acceptable.

Tips for effective writing

1. Practice: I know it sounds very odd, but it’s the simple truth. If you keep practicing your writing skill, it will grow. At first, your writing wouldn’t turn well, but you must have patience. No one’s born writer; keep practicing till you get your sentences well structured making your writing crisp and clear. But do not forget to write each day, it’s essential.

2. Writing challenges: Do not stick to a single form of writing every time. To become a good writer you need to practice different writing styles. There are many blogs on different styles of writing; you can check them to know what all areas you can explore.

3. Be Original: Now this is critical. A writer is recognized by His or her writing style. You can make a piece of writing your own by adding to it something original that only you can produce. Initially, this might take time, but over time you will learn to develop a sense of your writing style unique to you.

4. One step at a time: Do not haste in your writing career. Jumping to conclusions can be dreadful during writing. Always start with smaller pieces, like wiring blogs or articles or journals. Do not kick-start writing a book thinking you know it all. The learning is never over unless you have mastered the writing.

5. Patching up: Most beginners face a common problem, that is writing in bits and bites, and that’s okay. All you need to know is how you can patch up those pieces to create a masterpiece. Yes, that’s the sign of a good writer. You write small units and then use your creativity to bring together all pieces as one write up, you should be able to do that.

6. Do not ignore the grammar: I know all writers have their styles of writing, but that should not allow room for any grammar mistakes. Writing correct sentences without grammar mistakes is essential. Poor Grammar gives a poor impression of the writer as if the writer isn’t prepared to write. So double check your writing for grammar or you can use grammar checking tools to be sure.

7. Do not give up: It is the most critical aspect of a book, especially after you have given so much time to it. Writing initially can be very time consuming and unproductive, but that’s how everyone starts, you can’t lose hope and call it to quit. Have patience, and things will fall in line. Remember it happens to everyone, even the most famous writers take time to come up with something good.

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