3 Things You Should Look for in a Job – That Aren’t Money

One of the best work quotes is: “There are people so poor, all they have is their money.”

Sure, we all need money to survive in this day and age. Gone are the days of the hunter-gatherer and living solely off the land. And even if you long for that lifestyle one day, you still need cash to purchase land and pay taxes each year. For the majority of us, however, we’d prefer the option to pay for our needs and wants- it’s easier and quicker. But how much money is enough and is abundant wealth the only key to happiness?

Since the average person will spend a third of their lives at work (90,000 hours), let’s take a look at some important qualities to look for in your next job aside from how much you’ll be making.


Whether it’s unlimited PTO, a comprehensive health plan, or extended parental leave, companies today are competing with each other to offer new and unique benefits in order to attract the top talent.

According to a recent survey, the top 5 most common work perks are flexible hours, free snacks and beverages, tuition reimbursement, the ability to work remotely, and paid parental leave.

A few companies offering some unique benefits include Discover, offering pet insurance for employees with fur babies; VML, which hosts an annual employees-only music festival inspired by Coachella; and Lose it! who offers a four-day work week during the summer.

Growth Opportunities

Another factor job seekers should consider is the potential for promotion and the ability to explore new roles within a company. It’s doubtful there’s many of us out there that have the desire to do the same thing over and over again, every day for 40 years. It’s human nature to seek knowledge and pursue personal, as well as professional growth, which makes the opportunity for advancement within an organization so important.

This same concept should be applied to the industry you choose to work in as well. Take a look at career outlook resources and research the job you’re pursuing to make sure there is positive growth rate in your field.


Company culture used to be something often overlooked when considering a new job, but nowadays it can, and should, be one of the most influential aspects in determining job satisfaction and fulfillment. It is also one of the most individualistic factors and can vary from person to person. And putting a finger on company culture is sometimes difficult until you take a job, so it’s important to do your research, both before the interview and during. Ask to shadow an employee that would be in your department, so you’re able to get a good feel for the company’s values and the atmosphere. Employers are aware that culture is important and companies like Zappos, even offer $2,000 if you decide to quit following the first week of training because you feel it isn’t a good fit.

There are lots of other things you should look for in your next job searches, such as location, coworkers, and work-life balance. While salary is definitely important and being paid fairly for your time and hard work can be a deal breaker, there are lots of other things you should take into account when deciding on a new job.