Questions to Ask Before Participating in a Trade Show

Trade shows are considered a powerful and highly effective component of a well-designed marketing mix. This is not just for huge, multi-million-dollar businesses, but also for small companies and even startups. Almost 14,000 trade shows and similar events are scheduled to be held across the US in 2019, with almost 400 of these in New York City alone.

The importance of trade shows has surged because these events attract footfall from people who are directly associated with the industry, are actively seeking information or may be looking to make a buying decision. Such a focused audience is difficult to attract with any other form of marketing. Moreover, the participating companies get captive attention of these interested parties, provided they have a strong strategy to attract and engage the audience, says an expert at Trade Show Display, which is a leading NYC banner printing company. So, if you’re thinking of promoting your business by attending trade shows, here are some questions that you must ask.

Questions to Ask to Make Your Trade show Participation a Success

What is the Location of the Trade show?

The location plays an important role in the cost. This not only includes the cost of participation, but also of printing marketing collateral and transporting. Let’s say you’re located in LA and the event is in NY, you need to look custom banners & vinyl banner printing services that provide lightweight and retractable banner stands in New York.

Another aspect to check is whether the event is indoors or outdoors. This will determine whether you need table top stands or large outdoor banner printing.

What is the Purpose of the Trade show?

Broadly speaking, there are two types of trade shows. The first kind targets customers and the objective is to introduce them to new products. So, if you are in the B2C (business to consumers) space and are launching a new range of products, this would be ideal. The second kind focuses on specific industries and the objective is to network. So, if you are trying to form business relationships with vendors or investors, this may offer the perfect opportunity.

How Popular is the Event?

You want to participate in a trade show that attracts a heavy footfall of attendees. The performance of the event in the previous year(s) can give you a good indication. Apart from the total numbers, try to get details of the various industry players who visited the event. You can also try contacting participants from previous years to ask whether the event was effective in promoting them.

What Do I Need to Prepare for the Trade show?

Since competition is high at popular events, you will need attractive banners and displays to grab attention. Also ensure they are lightweight and versatile; and have high-quality graphic imaging. It’s best to plan months in advance, although there are same day banner printing services in New York to save the day. You could even have

Trade shows are important for brand building. It’s a great platform for lead generation, networking and even negotiating face-to-face with prospective customers.