Proofreading Steps Every Writer Should Follow

Proofreading is an essentially important aspect of writing. Whether you are drafting a simple email or a detailed essay, make sure you proofread before submitting the document. It ensures that the material produced is of at most quality.

If you don’t know how to follow this procedure, then you can go for a proofreading service. Nevertheless, here are some proofreading tips you can use:

Take an interval

Proofreading just after writing your draft is not at all recommendable. When you are just done with writing the document, you will most likely not spot the errors so quickly. You should take some interval before proceeding to proofread your work. This is one of the vital tips of editing your work.

Do not go so fast

If you have the habit of reading too fast, then you need to change this habit. When it comes to proofreading, you need to develop the habit of reading slow. Only this way you can review your work for errors. This will help you figure out details that you would have not noticed if reading too fast.

Read the document loudly

This may sound weird but it is a very helpful tip. When you are actually hearing what you have written, you can figure out the mistakes more easily. Reading the document loudly will make the grammatical errors more prominent. You will automatically figure out the errors when something doesn’t sound right.

Take notes of mistakes that you commonly commit

There are some mistakes that people usually commit. Make the notes of those mistakes so you can avoid them next time you are drafting something. There are few words that tend to misspell and these mistakes are often overlooked. Make sure you keep a record of these errors.

Focus on one line at a time

When you are proofreading, make sure you are focusing on one line at a time. This technique will help you figure out mistakes more effectively and efficiently. Going through the whole document at once can make you skip a number of mistakes.


Proofreading is not only about reviewing the text. Make sure that the document complies with the specifications. Check column alignment, page numbering, font sizes and other elements to ensure that the draft is up to the mark. Inspect each feature with immense care so that the overall draft is in complete order.

Proofread again

Nothing can be done in one go. You need to proofread the whole document once more to ensure everything is correct and accurate. Do it with same thoroughness rather than simply spotting the changes. You will find a number of mistakes in the second run.


Given the importance of proofreading for writers, it is really important to follow the above steps in order to do it with maximum effectiveness. Make sure that you proofread when you mind is fresh so that you don’t skip over important elements and generate a quality results.