Texas is getting a new Search Engine Platform for Contractors

We are happy to announce that we are launching a brand-new search engine platform specially designed for contractors. You can have a look at our site here – topremodelers.com. You may ask us what’s so special about this site. Well, topremodelers.com is a state-of-the-art search engine platform from where you can easily find the trusted professionals near you for working on your projects. As such, the platform is carrying a plethora of professionals for all your service needs. All you need to do is to follow our guide here

Why is it started?

To cut short the time being spent on searching for professionals, the founders of topremodelers came up with an innovative idea. The search process, which usually takes hours are reduced to just a few seconds with our search platform. In simple terms, we would say that gone are the times when you spent hours on the classified sites, the result of which you answered a dozen of phone calls. It’s time to bid goodbye to the directories that never give us the actual information.

According to various research studies, an average individual loses as much as three hours trying to find a professional he/she needs for a service. I am sure that each and every one of you should have experienced this at least once in your lifetime. Not to say this “calvary”, and it is from this observation that the topremodelers platform is born.

A Brief Description of topremodelers:

Operating in Texas, the topremodelers platform currently has more than 500 professionals registered with us. As such, these professionals are spread over twenty-seven categories of services. Most popular group of service professionals includes the contractors in the following areas: Plumbing,Electrical,roofing,etc

In simple terms, we would like to say that this is the platform for everyone. If you are an individual from the general crowd looking for a professional to work you, then you can utilize this 100% free platform. Yes, the usage of the site is totally free for our clients who need a service. All you need to do is to just let us know your requirements and we will get back to you with the best deal of services from the professionals near you. If you ask us, is that all we offer? Our answer would be a big “NO”. As mentioned earlier, with as many as 500 professionals, the competition among them is not less. So, in order to grab the contract from you, our professionals will offer you with the best deals possible. This way, you can save lots of money, which is not possible if you are searching for a professional in directories or other generalized search engines.

How to go about your search process?

If you are a client looking for a service professional, visit contact us page and fill in the fields to let us know your needs. Examples include: photographing of my marriage, fix my sink…). While doing so, never forget to mention the date and place of your requirement. After filling the form, just submit to us for review. If you don’t like forms, don’t worry, just call us at 24/7 at 1(214) 303 97 71. After reviewing your requirements, we would pre-screen thousands of professionals to find the best ones available near you. In this, we would interview the professional to verify the following things:

§ License

§ Insurance

§ Assessments

§ Photos of their past performance

§ Analysis of their personal information

After doing all this groundwork on your behalf, we would send the list of best professionals to take up your contract. Remember that this is just the recommendation and the ultimate step of selecting the one that appeals to you depends on your own preference. After checking the price, sales pitch, and the profiles, you can set an online appointment with the professional and if you are satisfied, you can go ahead and hire them for your work. After the completion of the service, we would ask you to leave feedback for the professional so as to help our other customers in the selection process.

Furthermore, there is another piece of guarantee for the quality of services offered by the professionals registered on topremodelers. It’s to be noted that all the service professionals registered with our site are submitted to the quality label. So, you can leave out all your worries about the quality if you decide to use our platform.

For the professionals:

Not only for the customers looking for the services but also for the professionals, it’s a good call to go. We, at topremodelers, would provide you with leads of homeowners to expand your business. Our leads can range from the service calls to larger remodeling works. No matter what is the size of your business, we have leads for you. If you are wondering whether it really works, you can look at us as a two-step program. Start with a small account and as your workforce starts bidding, go for larger projects.

Here, you can gain access to the projects that are funded by the state, federal, and city construction projects, thereby, giving you more amplitude to grow rapidly. To put it simply, you can have access to new markets or in other words, the markets that are difficult to reach.javascript:void(0)

Moreover, if you are taking up a large project and are short of sub-contractors, we will provide you a pool of sub-contractors to work for you. Thus, this can be seen as a hub connecting the contractors and sub-contractors.

So, this is all about topremodelers Now, you would have understood how this platform is standing out from other search engine platforms and directories. In short, we can say that it is a complete platform for all the consumers, contractors, and sub-contractors, who are looking to connect. Just try our platform today!