How to Make Your Content Fun to Read

This is one mainly for bloggers and writers. If you belong to this category, you’ll most probably recognize the fact that one of the hardest things to do when working is figuring how to make your content more interesting, especially if you’re the type of person who isn’t known for wit and humor. It is especially important to always fuse humor into your content because without an element of whimsy, you won’t be able to hold your audience and captivate them for a long time. They’ll feel like they’re reading an epistle or a eulogy and eventually, they’ll grow bored of reading your article and will soon start looking for something else. A lack of humor is also an element that makes you predictable. People will know exactly what you’re trying to talk about from your topic and without humor, there won’t be much to make them want to read further. However, humor lightens the mood, makes for an interesting reading experience and guarantees that your readers will look forward to the next point, even if you’re writing about a serious or tragic issue.

However, when using humor, there is something you should be careful of: appropriateness. You should make sure that your humor content is appropriate and won’t come off as offensive to a certain group of people who might stumble upon it. You need to make sure that your humor content will be received well by all and won’t land you in any future controversies.

With that said, we’ll be looking at some additional constituents that can actually improve your content quality and adds some much-needed humor:


Basically, GIFs are videos, except for the fact that they span for incredibly short periods and have no audio content. GIFs are usually used to capture the perceived mood or reaction of the general public after seeing a fact. These days, GIFs have increased in popularity and are being used very commonly among bloggers and website owners. The beauty of a GIF lies in the fact that it is capable of communicating quite a lot in 10 seconds of less. They are also very easy to create and you can easily get inspiration for them out of anywhere.


Animated cartoons and images have always been the most widely used method of generating humor. You can easily get a picture from the internet that is conveying what you’re trying to pads across and put it as a part of your story. However, as stated before, you have t make sure that your animated picture is not going to offend some people upon seeing it and it has to be appropriate.


Honestly, memes are just awesome! Memes combine visual and text-based communication is a way that is economical and highly effective. With well over a million options for a meme, you will be able to simply make use of your imagination to get one that will be able to convey your message perfectly. You can even get sine apps from your phone’s app store where you’ll have access to a number of memes for you to use or edit as you please. With a wide variety of memes available; beard memes, fruit memes, sarcastic memes, etc, you can rest assured that you’ll have your readers hooked. However, to apply memes, you must be careful not to put too much so as not to distract your readers from what you’re really trying to say.

Side Notes

Side notes are usually for blogs and posts that can be edited to take any shape or format. With these, you’ll be able to draw the attention of your readers for a moment or two and keep them jovial with some humorous content. Although they aren’t used that often, side notes are actually not a bad way to go in terms of drawing humor.


Sarcasm is a way of twisting words in such a way that they depict humor while also effectively passing your message across to your readers. It is an awesome way to make a dig at someone or a particular situation you’re writing about. However, you should take note of this: sarcasm is NOT for everyone. It’s a kind of element where although the right use of it will awe your readers and make them crack a smile, the wrong use of it could have catastrophic effects on your story and reputation. While some people have the natural talent to use it, others don’t. Know yourself and if you can, do it well.