Homework: The Student’s Best Frenemy?

From preschool to university, all students hate homework. They lament the hours it takes to complete, the absurdity of professors’ demands, and the ridiculously tight deadlines. So why should we struggle with homework? Would it be better if there was none? Let’s take a moment to ponder these questions.

Why Do Students Get Homework?

There are ongoing student debates about the necessity of homework throughout high school and college years. Learners believe they have enough on their plates with classes and extracurricular activities. Written assignments, Science problems, research papers take up too much of the students’ time. Some think that the amount of homework is too overwhelming, sometimes requiring children to spend 4 to 6 hours per day completing school work outside of class.

Why does homework cause stress? Besides the number of hours needed to complete it, students are also prompted to become competitive. High school students getting better grades in class and higher marks for homework improve their chances of getting into a good college. And teachers keep reminding children just how much each grade can influence their future. As a result, school years pass in a blur of constant stress and anxiety that cause the overall health deterioration among youngsters.

So are there no reasons why homework is good? There are plenty, in fact! Two of the main purposes of homework are the assimilation of knowledge and practice of vital skills. Professors can spend hours telling you about the intricacies of solving a difficult Maths problem, but you need to try to solve it on your own to understand the principle. The same goes for every subject, from Science to English.

So why should students do homework instead of practicing new skills in class? Of course, if every school and college could afford the classes of 5 to 10 students, we could all practice at school and free up the rest of our days. However, most teachers simply don’t have enough time to devote to every learner, so they explain the basics and trust us to deepen the knowledge on our own.

Among other reasons why we should have homework is the need to learn discipline. Having to juggle classes, homework and school clubs might seem difficult, but it is a great way to prepare for your adult life when you will have many more pressing matter to take care of. Submission deadlines aren’t there to intimidate you, professors set them to teach you the art of time-management, another useful skill many adults lack.

How To Do Homework Efficiently?

After you realize the advantages of having homework, it is easy to take a step back and start thinking about it as an important life lesson and a chance to improve your skills. The first thing you should consider is the most efficient way to complete all your assignments on time. It is useful to have a list of your homework tasks along with their due dates and an estimated amount of time each assignment will take to complete. This will allow you to better plan your study sessions.

Then you should determine, which tasks improve your motivation and provide inspiration. These should be the first assignments on your daily homework to-do list. If you start working on the most difficult tasks, they might feed the monster of your procrastination and lead you to abandon your homework for the day altogether.

Schedule your homework study sessions to avoid distractions and temptations. Put your phone to silent, turn off notifications, and set a timer. Immerse yourself in homework for 25-30 minutes at a time and take a 5-minute break to stretch your legs and get yourself another cup of coffee. Every hour or two take a longer break to let your mind wander. But if not all tasks are finished make sure to return to work. Studying in short increments will allow you to complete large portions of your assignments without getting too tired. And the timer will motivate you to work faster to finish the homework as soon as possible.

When Should You Seek Homework Assistance?

Even if you perfect your time-management system and beat procrastination, there are times when you require homework help online. You might have fallen behind after catching a nasty cold. Or maybe you had a bad break-up and it took you a couple of weeks to get over it. Even if you work diligently, you might not be able to complete every assignment on time. As a result, a week or two can cost you a good grade and hamper your college or even career plans.

If you find yourself in a tight spot, homework service is the best option for you. It doesn’t take up more of your time, like tutoring sessions or dropping by to visit your professor during office hours. Instead, professionals take up your slack, while you recover and get back into the swing of things. Using homework service doesn’t mean that you are a bad student, instead, it shows that you can clearly evaluate the situation and find the most efficient solutions for your problem.

Professional writers can create an essay outline for you to follow or, alternatively, work with your outline to make sure the work they provide fits your needs perfectly. Another great idea is to make use of the proofreading and editing services. When you are out of time, your writing can become sloppy and less streamlined. Professional editors will take of all the typos and weak arguments to help you clean up the paper and earn a better grade.

As you see, homework is not your nemesis, instead, it is an educational tool designed to help you gain useful skills and assimilate the knowledge acquired in class. Even if you have many assignments to complete, there are ways to make your study sessions a lot more efficient. And homework services are there to provide timely assistance if you are desperate.