How to Clean Email Lists Easily?

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are very keen on making sure that marketing email lists are as spam free as possible, so that internet users are not bothered consistently by emails which are redundant and unimportant. From a regular internet user’s point of view, having an inbox full of needed items only is a great thing, but it certainly becomes a hindrance in the marketing and branding aspect of an organization operating on email lists.

In order to make sure that your ISPs do not attempt to become an obstruction in the emails you send out, you will need to outsource your list clearing to a firm that specializes in it.

Type of Service

One such firm that provides Email validation and information on self-correcting measures is ZeroBounce, which has the following key advantages over other providers:

  • Invalid ID detection: When an email address is not identifiable it bounces back to your account with an error stating that the account was not found. On a large scale that can be problematic because each individual email cannot be rectified and re-added, and the more emails you send to unknown accounts the more you will come under the watchful eye of your ISP. With ZeroBounce you can detect all invalid addresses well before you send out the mail, and the decision to remove them solely rests with you.
  • Spam email detection: These IDs are called spam traps and are not used to conduct any sending or receiving tasks. They are monitored by the respective group that created them for whatever purposes, but as a serious email marketer you know you cannot afford to have such dead space on your email list. ZeroBounce will identify such accounts as well and recommend that you remove them as soon as possible.
  • Provides extended details: Sometimes it is good to know the origination of the email IDs which you send out your promotional messages on, because through them you can recognize where you can expect more of an active response from in the future. ZeroBounce present the option of you identifying everything ranging from age to the place and region where the account was generated.


As far as cleaning the email list is concerned, your provider will take care of that fully and efficiently. It is often stated that validation services like these do not offer any substantial benefits, but in the case of ZeroBounce you get the option of identifying all possible information related flaws in your email list without any auto generated action which might result in you deleting something important.

These services are paid by the number of email IDs which are validated by them, which means that the more IDs you want to scan and address the more you will have to pay, but at an exponentially decreasing price.


Once all the identification is made by your outsourced party you can simply make the alterations offered and resume your marketing strategy. Now your list will be replenished enough for you not to be worried about bounce backs and ISP blockages for the upcoming months.