6 Jobs With Exceptional Projected Growth

Within just a couple of years, the U.S. economy is expected to boast full employment. That means it’ll be a job-seekers market, especially in a few key fields set to undergo the most expansion. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) foresees six occupations as having the highest growth rate by 2026: solar photovoltaic installers, wind turbine technicians, home health and personal care aides, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. The BLS predicts that by 2020, the national market will support 20.5 million jobs.

This is positive news for workers. The anticipated boom areas will be partially driven by a heightened need for health and personal care to service an increasingly older population. The green energy sector is also tipped to add many jobs.

1. Solar Photovoltaic Installers

As the people who fit and maintain rooftop solar panels, solar photovoltaic installers are likely to remain in demand as consumers lean towards more environmentally sustainable lifestyles. In fact, the field will probably more than double in size in the near future. A worker in this area can bring home just under $40,000 a year, and no tertiary education is generally required.

2. Wind Turbine Service Technicians

Qualified wind turbine technicians need a post-secondary certificate, and they can make around $54,000 annually. The attractive wage may help lure more people into this employment category, which is expected to increase 96 percent by 2026.

3. Home Health Aides

The BLS is predicting that more than 4 million health aides will be supporting people in their homes within eight years. They’ll serve what’s anticipated to be a growing group of people living with disabilities, illness, or other impairment. The yearly wage for such an aide is approximately $23,000, with a high school diploma being the highest level of education required.

4. Personal Care Aides

A personal care aide strives to assist individuals in their daily activities, similarly to a home health aide. To become one, you need to have graduated from high school. Expect to earn about $23,000 a year. By 2026, this workforce is tipped to swell by 41 percent.

5. Physician Assistants

The surge in demand for health care is expected to be met, in part, by physician assistants. It’s thought that as many as 40,000 additional PAs will be needed in less than a decade. With a master’s degree and the ability to examine, diagnose, and treat patients, a PA can be assured of a six-figure salary (circa $105,000).

6. Nurse Practitioners

Like their PA colleagues, nurse practitioners and other advanced practice registered nurses also require a master’s degree, and they can make upwards of $110,000. This industry of highly specialized health professionals is set to increase 31 percent by 2026.

Entrepreneurship, Small Business, and Self-Employment

The prospect of being your own boss looks good, too. The BLS predicts self-employed workers will hit 10.3 million by 2026, which represents a growth just short of 8 percent. Occupations in building and grounds maintenance and personal care are tipped to multiply substantially.

Opportunities Flowing to Florida

Alternatively, a tropical relocation could provide the job security you’re seeking. Florida’s jobs outlook is looking particularly healthy, thanks to an improving housing market and a robust tourism sector. Unemployment hit double figures at the worst point of the recession, but jobs are now starting to flourish. Florida’s unemployment rate has steadily decreased since 2014, sinking to 3.7 percent halfway through 2018. The trend is a positive one for the Sunshine State, setting it up for some of the best projected growth in the United States.

The employment forecast is looking up for the next decade. Opportunities will become available, and skilled employees will be in a strong position to take advantage of them. You may even consider starting the business that’s been in the back of your mind for some time. As a commercial operator or owner, increasing demand will likely drive the need to bolster your workforce, so the anticipated growth should benefit you, too. The U.S. economy is regenerating, and analysts are confident the results will be very valuable.