Why College Students Order Custom Essays Online?

Abelei Adhiambo recently ordered a custom essay from a prestigious online writing service. This should come as no surprise to anyone who is familiar with the day to day life of practically any college student. Students order papers from these businesses for a wide variety of reasons. Some are lazy. Some have below-average capacity. Still, others just find themselves short on time. What is surprising to most of those who look into these businesses and their clients is that their customers – students from colleges, universities, and even high schools – encompass many types, some you would have never expected.

Who Buys Essays Online?

First, there is a general profile of a student who you would never expect to buy their papers online: those who are aiming at getting into or staying at the most prestigious universities in the US and the UK. After all, they work hard anyway, right. True, but these are also the ones who can’t afford to fail. There are also those who despite their seemed intelligence and ambition can’t, at least from time to time, grasp the complex nature of an assignment that they don’t sometimes understand the question, much less have the ability to present an answer. And when you combine these most ambitious folk with the standard reasons for buying essays online, you have a perfect storm of clients for these firms. There are also the ESL students who struggle even more to produce essays that a fitting for college students, much less deserve the reward of a college diploma. And since the penalties for plagiarism can be very serious, they rely on online services for help with papers that are of higher quality and prior to a deadline.

What Kinds of Papers Do They Buy?

Throughout their college careers, students write a wide variety of papers. This includes research papers, essays, MA thesis, and more. Some of the subjects covered by these papers are highly specialized, which makes it natural that some professional writers are hired to write papers on these topics. These include, for the most part, papers on technical subjects such as science and engineering, but can also include business, English, language and management courses.

Booming Business

The essay writing business is an interesting study in and of itself. Most orders that come to these businesses come from the states of California, New York, and Texas, which are, coincidentally, the homes of Stanford, UCLA, Berkeley, Columbia, NYU, University of Houston, and other institutions in these states that are known for their competitive systems. If a student wishes to be graduated from one of these schools they often need to rely on “unorthodox” methods to meet the challenges put forth by the professors. And since academic writing is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of these educational systems, the continual growth of the custom essay writing industry will probably continue.

The Same as Plagiarism

Many experts agree that purchasing essays online is a reaction to a deeper underlying problem. These experts point out that most professors consider purchasing an essay online to be no different than plagiarism. Many counter with the logic that a paper purchased online is not plagiarized. After all, the essay is completely unique, properly-references, and well-researched. They say that they are selling “research,” even going so far as to elaborate that using their products as essays that are turned into a professor is an illegal use of their products. All that matters from the professor’s’ point of view is that the essay is up to the mark and covers all the aspects of the topic.


The benefits of using essays that are purchased online are numerous, whether there is an ethical problem with their use or not. This is especially true of foreign students who struggle with the language and are often having trouble getting effective support getting the language help they need to succeed. Others who benefit from these services are students with part-time jobs, those who are going through personal struggles, and those who have families and are struggling to make their time and money needs meet. Most notably, all it takes is a look at the growth of the essay writing industry to see that there is a serious problem in an educational system that puts students through these kinds of stress and emotional struggles.

Misinterpreted as Cheating

Everybody knows what cheating is. We’ve all been told throughout our lives that it mustn’t be done. So, isn’t buying an essay online considered cheating, especially when you consider that, presumably, other students in a class wrote their own essays? The answer is No, not at all. All of the arguments in the world against buying essays online are just baseless. Because all it does is helping the students getting their precious degrees completed against heavy odds, which otherwise would remain incomplete for years.

Writing clearly and effectively is a skill that is critical to success in today’s workforce, especially for those who are entering the workforce, whether as an employee or a business owner. And as much as our educational system likes to point out that they are in the business of preparing students to enter that workforce by having them write assignments, not only are educators turning a blind eye when it comes to purchasing essays online, but students are also denying themselves the opportunities to sharpen their communications skills by doing so.

All of this is very tragic, especially when you consider that there are so many avenues open to students to help them improve their writing skills. Even if professors do not make themselves available for this kind of help, there are plenty of opportunities for students to improve their writing skills in college and elsewhere, so they are better able to meet the demands of their future.