Spencer Schar: Bass Fishing Tips and Tricks

Outside of his work, entrepreneur Spencer Schar enjoys kayaking and bass fishing in the lakes in his local area. This article will provide pointers for bass fishers to help them catch more trophy fish.

Bass fishing requires a mastery of the basics, as well as finding the right bass boat. In addition, pro tips and tricks can help even seasoned bass fishers to land more specimen fish.

Skipping the bait under docks and other structures is a tried-and-true method of tempting bass to bite. When casting, stop halfway rather than following through, in a similar way to check swinging in baseball. This trick helps to ensure that the lure hits the surface of the water a few feet in front of the target, skittering the lure across the water to pique the fish’s attention.

When bass fishing, it is particularly important to keep hooks clean and sharp. Investing a few minutes filing and sharpening hooks on every fishing expedition will help to ensure that the hook penetrates the fish’s notoriously bony jaws.

In springtime, bass loiter in spawning beds, meaning that anglers should focus on shallow areas at this time of year – particularly covers and pockets that are sheltered from the wind, which provide the ideal cover for the bass’s eggs. Aside from hunger, the angler is likely to induce the bass to bite out of sheer irritation by targeting these areas.

Bass target different prey at different times of year. It is therefore important for bass fishers to vary their bait by season. As a general rule of thumb, bass tend to favor crawfish early in the year, making peach-colored patterns an appropriate choice. On the other hand, they tend to target shad in the summer and fall, so the angler should opt for silver or chrome baits instead.

The optimum conditions for bass fishing are just before a storm, while the worst time to fish for bass is just after. The pressure created by an approaching weather front induces the species to be more active. While a fishing trip is likely to be productive if a wall of clouds is moving in, once it starts to retreat again, bass are less likely to bite.

In addition to boat fishing, bank fishing for bass can also be very successful. Anglers should look out for pinch points when fishing from the bank, identifying isolated pockets and flats, then working their way back to funnel areas that are easier to fish.

Written by Johnny Steele