Starting a summer camp: What to do before the kids arrive

Summer camp — it’s a term that brings up a lot of fond childhood memories. Along with being an enriching experience for children, it’s fun and exciting, and most kids will remember it long after the summer ends. Children get a chance to learn new skills and explore the arts or try out various sports.

Technology has broken down the barriers of distance and has even made starting a summer camp easier. Here are some tips to make summer camp registration easy, quick, and effective.

Decide on the type of camp

The first thing you have to do when starting a summer camp is decide what kind of camp you want to run — sports, arts, princess, something else? The theme of the camp will determine the types of activities you hold and the age range of the campers.

Figure out finances

Every business needs a budget, and camps are no exception. You need to decide how long the camp will last, how many campers you need to register, how many staffers to hire and what to pay them, and what price you need to charge to be successful.

Create a rule book

Every camp needs rules. Make sure both campers and parents are aware of the rules so there are no misunderstandings.

Work on the schedule

Whether you are holding a week long camp, a day camp, or an overnight camp, you need to create a schedule. Include the different activities you are going to hold as well as time for meals and bathroom breaks.

Take care of safety

Every parent wants their children to be safe at summer camp. Make sure you have the appropriate medical, allergy, and related information on each camper, and obtain any necessary medical releases. Keep your premises clean and safe. Stock your first aid kit and make sure your staff gets the appropriate first-aid training.


Starting a summer camp isn’t easy. It takes work and planning, but with these pointers and all the online resources available today, you’ll be on your way to leading a successful and memorable camp in no time.