Five corporate teambuilding ideas with charitable intentions

Several small and large corporations have allotted time and resources to corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in the last decade. These activities are not only helping those in need but also helping the corporate teams. These are excellent team building activities that can bring about the best in people. Whether it is building mobility devices for the elderly or soft toys for children’s hospitals, event planners are always looking for the next big idea to bring people together for a noble cause.

Here are five bright new ideas that can help you in building your team spirit too:

Prepare breakfast for high schoolers

It is a brilliant, light-weight idea for corporations of all sizes. Your team can work in coordination with a local restaurant or health brand working towards similar causes to make healthy breakfasts like granola bars and trail mixes for children in the low-income areas of the city or town. If you want a competitive edge, you can, of course, divide the participants into groups and see who could make the biggest batch within the given time. That would save time and foster healthy competition among all teams.

Pay attention to local libraries

With the advent of Kindles and iPads, no one pays attention to the libraries as much these days except the elderly and young children who enjoy reading from a physical book. Most local libraries are falling apart due to the lack of volunteers to categorize and organize the books. You can mobilize your team to spend at least one day on decorating and organizing at their local libraries.

Building for the veterans

It is no secret that disabled veterans in the country can do with a little more care and comfort than they are receiving right now. You don’t have to be a tech-based or engineering company to do this, but if you are it could be easy for you to build wheelchairs and other mobility-assisting devices for the unsung heroes of the country. Check out more similar ideas at Charity Team Building Events.

Help the voiceless

There are thousands of animal shelters across the 50 states, but only a few of them have the manpower and the resources to run smoothly. You can get together with the animal lovers of your company to help out the local shelters every weekend for a month or two. Whether it is designing fun accessories for adoption photo shoots or actively administrating their social media profiles for pro-adoption causes, you can help both your team members and the pooches in the rescue shelters.

Build for the youth

Your team can get together to assemble new bikes for the youngsters in foster care. Bikes can help them get around from their new home to school, and they can help them with their after-school jobs. Apart from making life a little easier for these teens in foster homes, it will also foster the spirit of benevolence and shared happiness among the team members.

These are only some of the most doable and helpful ideas for corporations that are interested in organizing their own CSR activities. You can think of more unique ideas to help out the children, elderly or the disabled populations in your area.