Top Benefits of Meeting Rooms for Your Startup

Any office environment, even a startup that’s mostly operating from someone’s kitchen, will be in need of a meeting room at some point. No matter how many movies and TV shows depict business meetings taking place over casual coffees or in swanky bars, the fact of the matter is that clients and investors will always expect a level of formality, and especially when the subject of money is involved. New businesses are inevitably going to encounter multiple meetings, weekly and monthly, which is why it’s important to have access to versatile meeting rooms. Not yet convinced? Read below to discover why meeting rooms are the key to making your new business grow.

Professional Presentation

As mentioned above, appearing professional is crucial for a business of any size. When your business is just getting off the ground and looking for clients, investors, and employees, it’s important to create an air of expertise and formality. It’s much easier to impress someone and convince them that you have exactly what they need in the setting of a well-designed meeting room, rather than over the sound of a screaming baby. Check out a few meeting rooms to find one, or a few, where the design matches your company’s aesthetic, creating synergy between you and the space. Remember, a boardroom isn’t always the best option so evaluate the type of meeting you’re going to have and find a space to match that energy. Serviced offices from a LEO give you the freedom to do it and at a much cheaper price than monthly rent in prime locations.

Connected Culture

With the rise of remote working and employees spending less time face to face, the time that is spent together needs to be of high quality. Meeting rooms give everyone a chance to bring ideas to the table and connect in a dedicated space. Doing so from time to time ensures that everyone is working towards common business goals whilst providing an opportunity to flag any problems or concerns. It is not yet possible to run a completely remote office, and it might never be, as people need face-to-face connection to figure out how to work with each other’s personalities, utilize each other’s strengths and achieve cohesion as a team. All this can be achieved with productive, even if infrequent, meetings in a well-designed space.

Essential Focus

Working from home, open plan offices, noisy coffee shops – in many ways it seems like modern work culture just doesn’t want you to concentrate. Shutting off the world is becoming harder and harder, especially when you’re on a deadline or needing to discuss private matters. Meetings rooms offer the quiet respite so many crave. Got a big meeting on the books? Book the room for a few extra hours to prepare and to follow up after the meeting instead of leaving it for an undefined ‘later’ that sometimes manages to slip away.

New businesses need to think smart in terms of expenditure and meeting rooms are definitely something to budget for if you’re looking to make a good impression as up and comers and ensure future growth. First impressions most certainly count so make sure that your new business makes the right one.