Different Ways To Find A Divorce Attorney In A Digital World

Statistics say that about half of all U.S. marriages are likely to end in divorce. In these turbulent times in your own life, there are a lot of places to seek legal representation for a divorce. Some are using the old-fashioned “word of mouth” system, while the growth of the internet has provided more options for finding a lawyer. Here is a list of where you can find a good divorce lawyer.

1. Family Referrals

You may have a friend, colleague, co-worker or relative who went through a divorce before. All these individuals can offer you a great insight in their own experience with the divorce lawyer they hired for their legal proceedings. Sometimes, that friend or family member will be located out of your authority so different laws may apply. Look for a referral from somebody in near you, or in the area where the case is going to be filed.

2. Phone Book

The Yellow Pages still exists. If you find one, take a look. You will find a large variety of licensed lawyers in your neighborhood. Keep in mind, that the attorney with the largest advertisement may not be the ideal fit for your divorce case. In the event, you choose to find a divorce attorney during the yellow page advertisements, make sure you turn to several regional attorneys and make sure they specialize in divorces. Some lawyers practicing law might deal with personal injury or criminal law. Make certain that the advertisement focus on divorce, legal separation, or child custody.

3. Bar Association

All states have a bar association. The bar association handles and controls the licensing of lawyers in that state. The state bar will have a list of attorneys, and their main areas of practice. The state bar also keeps records of lawyers who have been disciplined. The state bar is a great source to search for divorce lawyers. If you call the association, they can put you in contact with a handful of distinguished divorce lawyers licensed in your state. By using the state bar list, you are ensured that the attorney is licensed and meets all of the credentials needed. Large cities in the state may have a local bar association. These organizations may have a separate list.

4. Local Law Schools

If you’re trying to find a divorce attorney and also do not have plenty of money to spend, find a local law faculty and contact their legal aid practice. If your financial situation qualifies, you can benefit from their discounted prices. But if you don’t, they could still refer you to some divorce attorney who could satisfy your needs.

5. Legal Aid Services

Another alternative if you’re strapped for cash or possess little income is a legal aid society. Conduct an internet search for legal aid society in you city. Certain qualifications may apply to you to qualify for legal aid. Legal aid societies receive Federal grants to provide services to people with low income, or going through financial hardships. Legal aid services additionally coordinate pro bono services. Pro bono services are provided by local attorneys.

6. Internet

Many people seek information quickly by connecting to the wide world web. The web is packed with private information including divorce attorneys in your area. The internet is a wonderful option as search engines can reveal detailed websites and results that are relevant to your search. You can access through your traditional desktop computer, or through your smart phone. Studies show that more than 60% of searches for a divorce attorney are done with smart phones.

7. Google

Google is king of the search engine business. Billions of people perform billions of searches on google each day. When you search for an attorney on Google you are presented with ads, Google maps, and organic searches. Being found on Google is big business. Attorneys have complete marketing companies helping the attorney’s website appear on the ads, the maps, and the organic lists. An exciting feature of Google Maps is the reviews past clients post about the lawyer, or law firm.

8. Lawyer Directories

Attorney specific legal directories have sprouted up on the internet. These directories list hundreds of lawyers in your area who specialize in dozens of areas of law. The sites typically list the lawyer’s resume, a list of other lawyers, and reviews from clients who have used the lawyer’s services. Some popular sites are Avvo.com, and Justia.com.