Best Practices to Promote Your Brand on Social Media

Social Media has given a big boost to the e-commerce ecosystem and a myriad of businesses including start-ups have benefited from its network. It has become one of the simplest ways to promote a business without incurring huge investments generally needed for brand promotion.

If you are one such business looking to promote your brand on social media, then take a look at these 8 most important practices you need to start following.

Best Practices to Promote Your Brand on Social Media

1. Your Business Profile on the Right Platforms

There is a whole galaxy of websites on the internet to where you can promote your brand. But the real question is which is the best platform to address your business promotions? To zero in on the right social media platform, you need to determine the class of customers your business deals with.

Targeting the right audience is instrumental to engage in a lucrative business. If you fail to loop in the right consumers, you are likely to see no growth. For example, if you are into a business providing home-made cookies or pickles, then a page on Facebook or Instagram is an obvious first step. Be sure to do research into the platform you choose, and look for Facebook or Instagram business tips for beginners.

2. Interaction on Social Media

There are hundreds of people on social media who not only use the website for recreation, but also for professional engagements. If you want to have interactive patronage, you need to build a good rapport with the customers and how do you do that? Post content on a website wherein they can participate through comments or any in other manner.

If you are a news and media company, then you can raise a poll question on the latest happenings in the country. This way you will not only have an idea as to who your customer base is but also your business will foster a connection with the audience.

3. Do Cross Promotion and avoid Over Promotion

The main function of cross promotion across cross channels is to remind the consumers or your followers about their other social media accounts, wherein they can engage with you.

It is more of a social media linking page that drives your customers to follow your account on other sites. But make sure you do not over promote yourself. Customers do not want to see to blatant blabbering of your business on every single page, all the time. Post such content that customers can really enjoy reading or watching.

4. Create Targeted Ads

Suppose you shop for handbags online and you exit the website; it happens that you see more ads of handbags on your Facebook account. Or you may see ads indicating a price-drop in the handbag you browsed. This is because Facebook tracks your habits through the information silos you left on the internet and adds you to that interest category.

This works wonders in targeting your customers. There are multiple ways to target people with ads on Facebook. To target the website visitors, you can add Facebook Pixel to your website, which will pop up ads on their accounts.

5. Be responsive in addressing the problems

If you receive negative feedback on your products, be quick to fix the issue. You will not have all praiseworthy feedback on your website. If someone has something to complain about anything related to your business, it is imperative that you quickly respond to it.

So, keep visiting your social media accounts and check for any pressing problems. For e.g., If your customers haven’t received the timely refunds on purchasing your products, then drop in an email and respond to their query and don’t just leave them in the lurch.

6. Conduct Contests & Giveaways

These are one of the best ways to create brand awareness. You can set up a small contest for your brand where in the consumers can participate and win freebies. For e.g. If you want to promote your home-tuition website, you can conduct a small contest for students and provide them with small giveaways.

7. Provide Value to the customers

This is the most important thing to have to take into account while promoting your brand. You have to offer something to people that they find useful and something which aids them in their routine life. By providing value, you attract the right lot of customers and it will also help in spreading the word about your business.

8. Tag Products to Your Posts

Tagging products on your posts, this option is available on Instagram and Facebook. Your products will identify the customers who can readily purchase them from your website via that tag. Retail brands should go in for this easy way of brand promotion readily.

Bottom Line

These are some important practices that you can exercise to improve your traffic as well as sales. But remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day; the results will crop up after an incubation period. Make sure that you provide something unique and that too in a unique fashion. Website Setup is a step by step guide from experienced developers on how to succeed with your business website.