SecureTribe – “Instagram On Steroids” Encrypting Photos And Videos

One of the ultimate “Instagram Killer” app is SecureTribe, a photo/video sharing service. SecureTribe works perfectly with storing the images that are completely encrypted with much more options to secure the file. Without proper decryption key, shared photos or videos could not be accessed in the SecureTribe which is completely HackerProof.

SecureTribe especially focuses on the privacy and security of the users on the social media photo or video sharing service. No contents are shared in the public without the express permission of the user. All the contents are encrypted before uploading the files from the iPhone so they could only be viewed with the use of decrypted technology by the authorized user using appropriate decryption key.

With the improved user privacy controls, SecureTribe is considered as the “Instagram on steroids”. Transmitting the encrypting files is complete cumbersome as well as complicated for the non-security geeks. In fact, the SecureTribe ultimately removes the complexity of burden and easy-to-use application for sharing all the photos and videos to your friend, associates, and co-workers.

Of course, there are many number of file sharing apps are available on the Apple Store but SecureTribe is unique App that offers you more secure option for sharing the photos and videos as well as lets you the ability to organize the posts into albums. In fact, it is always a better option to use the hack-free application for transferring the files from one device to other without any hassle. Choosing this unique platform lets you to easily get more secure option for sharing the files in the much amazing way.

Using the SecureTribe, you can conveniently create the public or private albums or you can choose specific people for sharing the content with. In fact, parents could also create the ultra-secure/invitation with the Private Tabs for sharing the pictures and videos of their baby safely with family. There are many online predators are seen today that you need to be concerned of while sharing the files from one device to another. Therefore, with the use of SecureTribe, you can conveniently bring you the complete hassle-free way of sharing the data to the excellence.

· Control the number of individuals to see your data on timeline

· Extremely secure graphics

· Limited-time subscription options

· Access “What’s New” timeline when you log for viewing new post

· Like and Rate content

· Linked with tribe members and built-in chat enabled

· Create ultra-secure/invitation with Private tribes for sharing the picture safely without any concern

· Separate personal and professional Live video online

· When posting the content, it is prominent to choose “Secure Files” option which is secure repository that can be accessed abundantly

· Create custom “Tribes”

· Premium customers get more features for unloading the longer videos with the advanced control options enabled on content.

Public Tribes features include the content posted can be seen by everyone. Activating the Private Tribes lets you to easily secure the photos or videos with only your friends can see the posts.

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